Wikiglot is a proposed project for establishing structured linguistic information on languages for assisting in language acquisition.

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Wikiglot would provide a standardized packaging of language meta-data to fascillitate translators and language users. Uniques Wikiglot features would integrate exiting interwiki content to aide in illustrating the language aspects described in the language package and generating practice exercises.

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This list explains the meaning of the following terms within the context of this proposal:

  • entry language: native or preferred language used by user and selected as entry point into wikiglot
  • target [language] : the language the user is investigating using wikiglot
    • wkt:gloss: the combined linguistic and transformative resource on wikiglot for a language in the role of target language
    • lexicard: list core terminology and explanations of wikiglot interface using entry language.

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Those who are not familiar with w:Linguistics might or education might find the following useful:


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