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Other relevant background and skills in community organizing and mediaEdit

Metro Boston Regional Branch Coordinator, Independent Publishers of New EnglandEdit

Organize bi-monthly speaker meetings for IPNE, field inquiries from members and prospective members, build resources, serve as liaison with IPNE board of directors, produce Face The Book TV; organize informal weekly members' coffee hour. Our organization serves the 6 New England states. We support our members by exhibiting at trade shows and conferences, and by providing educational and networking opportunities. (January 2008 – Present, Arlington, MA)

Board Member, Producer at Arlington Community Media, Inc.Edit

Arlington Community Media (ACMI) is dedicated to providing an electronic forum for the free exchange of information and ideas which reflect the talents, skills, interests, concerns, and diversity of the Arlington, Massachusetts community. ACMI is affiliated with the Alliance for Community Media, which exists to "promote free speech, expand civic engagement through local media, collaborate with others, and act with one voice" for community broadcast access. By statute, cable television licensing provides revenues for the operation of the station. As a member of the ACMI board since 2007, I share oversight with other board members for operating and capital budgets, long-range planning, liaison with ACMI volunteer producers. I am also a volunteer producer of the Face The Book series on ACMI, which focuses on independent authors and publishers in the New England region.

Principal Coordinator, St. John's Coffeehouse ConcertsEdit

As the principal booking agent and coordinator of a monthly+ nonprofit concert series, I used some patterns that can be found in the Peeragogy project. These included "Blazing A Trail." Knowing that I couldn't continue without colleagues to support the series, I produced the first few concerts largely by myself, to demonstrate (pattern) their effectiveness in drawing audiences in to the parish to support our community outreach missions. As the concerts became more successful and attractive, I gradually invited parishioners to become "crew" members, even inviting some of the teenagers to assist with audio/video functions, which in turn drew in their parents to help with other tasks (pattern). Overlapping interests were key to motivation (pattern): One parishioner who is in two rock bands has been helping with the sound and lights - he now stores his equipment at the church, relieving space constraints at his apartment. Perfect! One parishioner who works at Whole Foods offered to use her 20% discount at the store to purchase refreshments for sale and for dinners for the crew & band. At this point, I've largely drawn back to scouting and booking the musicians, producing posters, and coordinating publicity and ticket sales. A key strategy was not to overwhelm crew members with oversight tasks but to fit them with specific functions (another pattern). Our concerts are now self-financing and benefit the Arlington Food Pantry, Affordable Housing, and other community outreach missions of St. John's.