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I am trying to connect my wiki existence.

Mobile-Wikipedia-Logo-modified.pngCome chat with us on the Wikimedia Community Discord server!

Easiest way to find me is to google for me or catch me on twitter as @unclecj.

I am a big fan of Creative Commons and enjoy contributing my images to wikipedia, just browse and ask should you need a more liberal license than the existing one: my flickr profile

Currently spending much of my time here thinking about Wikimedia genealogy project, see User:CarlJohanSveningsson/Thoughts on Genetic Geneaology and WMF

Relationship to WikimediaEdit

I have been kind of a Wikimedia hang around ever since I first saw Wikipedia. I have not been an active editor but rate my interests in the foundation as such:

  1. Its technology and tools, such as MediaWiki, Wikibase and utilities (also for wikipedia)
  2. Its participatory culture, such as projects, principles, organization, arbitration, challenges and wikifauna
  3. The movement and its vision


I was born 1981 in Gnosjö, Sweden (renowned for its "Gnosjö spirit" of industriousness and cooperation). There I lived 18 years in my dad's parental home (and subsequently got a geocoordinate tattoo of its location). My mom's side of the family were in Pentecostal Church, but I grew up in my dad's Alliance Mission. As a teenager I was involved with rarely documented groups of ecumenism.

1997 to 2000 I went to high school in Gislaved where I got involved in the Association of Young Scientists (Förbundet Unga Forskare) and Westbo Linux User Group (see it in I wasn't drafted but went straight to Gothenburg and the 2000 class of MSc. Computer Engineering Program of Chalmers University of Technology. In the summer of 2001 I happened to witness the Gothenburg riots. In 2006 I graduated (master thesis topic was "Wireless sensor networks for moisture measurements in concrete construction" with the Institute for micro- and nanotechnology in Gothenburg, IMEGO).

Around graduating, on Orkut I met an Estonian woman then studying in Oslo and figured it would be interesting to move to Tallinn. My first job after graduation was working with the pioneering trusted timestamp start-up Guardtime (financed by Joi Ito, Skype founders (Ambient Sound Investments) et. al.). My colleagues at the time were IT managers in Swedbank and SEB, so the Bronze Soldier Riots and Cyberattacks were interesting times.

In Tallinn I co-founded a local chapter of InterNations, participated in the CERT-EE/CCDCOE "0ct0b3rf3st" conference and went on to work with the startup Yoga Intelligent Buildings. Online I developed an interest in blogging, joined the informal social channels #joiito, #websmurf and #sweskep. I was an early reader and ambassador of Leinad Zeraus / Daniel Suarez. I rediscovered "Paldiski Palace".

In 2011 I left Estonia and in Stockholm found the outstanding IT consultancy HiQ. With them I have worked with a number of clients such as Ericsson, the Swedish Tax Agency and most recently, Scania Autonomous Vehicles. Personally, I attended the Stockholm Pride Festival and several gatherings of the Swedish Skeptics' Association ("Vetenskap och Folkbildning").

Most recently, I moved to Södertälje where I share an apartment with my girlfriend, just down the hill from Torekällberget open-air museum. I enjoy sharing hobbies with locals such as "making", board games, video games and "silly vehicles". In November 2018 I was simultaneously diagnosed with ADHD and joined Mensa.


Notable acquaintancesEdit

Note: I list these people because I appreciate them and sometimes collaborate with them. I don't claim this is mutual. The descriptions are ad hoc and may be inaccurate