I'm Arpitha Hegde. I have completed Vidwat in Bharathanatyam. I'm a Bharathanatyam Dancer.

Wiki Journey


I have been editing Kannada Wikipedia since April 2018. Because I love to contribute Kannada wikipedia. And am also contributing to Wikidata and Commons Wikimedia. Now it's been 4 years from 2018. Earlier I was just writing articles and uploading the photos.But now I'm learning from wikipedia. And also organised the projects like Wiki loves Women in Kannada Wikipedia. Participated in TTT2020 organised by CIS-A2K. I'm grateful that Wikimedia is giving opportunities to share knowledge in different ways by organizing several projects like Wiki Loves Women, Photo adding events,ect..

I'm a member of Wiki Women Mangaluru. This informal group is initiated by Dhanalakshmi .K. T in the year 2016 at Mangaluru.