Languages on which I have edited with number of edits (data from unless specified otherwise):

  • ar: (1)
  • da: (ca. 100)
  • de: (ca. 1000)
  • en: (ca. 13.500) (according to list of most active wikipedians)
  • eo: (ca. 175)
  • es: (ca. 150)
  • fr: (ca. 250) (own count from Special:Contributions)
  • hr: (1)
  • ja: (ca. 130) (own count from Special:Contributions)
  • ko: (2)
  • nl: (ca. 8500)
  • pl: (ca. 280)
  • ru: (5)
  • sv: (ca. 170)
  • zh: (ca. 30)

Total: 24.000-24.500

Note: This count is from September 2003. I have done a few edits since.

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