New logo for WiktionaryEdit

Here are my designs for a new Wiktionary logo. To see everyone's proposals, go to Wiktionary/logo/refresh/proposals.


The concept originated with this prototypical design by Circeus.

Below is a sample Arabic edition of the first design. It is meant to illustrate the way the design would be modified for various languages, specifically those with right-to-left script. I do not actually know Arabic. In the event of this design being adopted by the Arabic Wiktionary, it should be redone by someone familiar with the language and its typography.

I cannot make a sufficient decision as to which way the parallelogram should lean. Consider that it could represent italics or the slashes sometimes used (at least in English) as brackets to designate a phonetic spelling. In Hebrew, there is no italic or oblique lettering; Hebrew slashes are like English ones. I am interested in learning these facts about Arabic and Farsi. I assume Yiddish is like Hebrew in this respect.


Angelworks designed an excellent logo that unfortunately featured a W, making it fairly language-dependent. I took the liberty of removing the W to see if it still made a good logo. The second image here is traced from the first. It does not yet have the shading, which I believe to be an important part of the design. It is not a proposal but a demonstration of how the design could be recreated from scratch. (It's also not really vector.)


Thank you for your feedback and support. Please stay tuned to the proposals and overall selection process.