Translation requests/WQ/3/Updates

Content updates & corrections edit

Page 1 edit

  • Double-check the text (significantly changed in late July)
  • Remove specific names of sponors (complete list, not offending anyone by omission, to come in a future edition)
  • Replace Letterman image with Vatican stairs image (fewer issues of shock or unsuitable use)

Page 4 edit

  • Image:Wikiwikithing.ogg -> Media:Wikiwikithing.ogg

--Kaganer 11:25, 1 September 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Page 8 edit

  • The calendar needs to be updated from early revisions.

Other edit

  • Double-check the captions on the galleries;
Make sure images have appropriate Alt text.

Translation mistakes & corrections edit

  • Elian's de-chapter report in French?