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  • Newspapers.jpg - PD, Silvester Chua. (original)
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Page 1Edit

  1. Staff : make sure to use the latest list of contributors.
  2. Email : use "(at)" instead of "@" in the email address.
  3. Introduction : Some textual changes; particularly paragrapsh 2 & 3, and "especially" the translators in the final paragraph.
  4. Table of Contents : check this again; a few small changes.
  5. Cover : make sure you link to the real cover, and credit J-C Chazalette.

Page 2Edit

Page 3Edit

  1. Names : introduce Anthere as (Anthere) after the first instance of her full name; refer to her as Anthere (not Florence) thereafter.
  2. Admin Report : review this entire section; many small changes.
  3. Other events : (under Wikipedian meetings during the summer) retranslate the BBC-event section; make sure it has the right date (Aug 31).

Page 4Edit

Page 5Edit

  1. retranslate the introductory paragraph.

Page 6Edit

Page 7Edit

  1. make sure the images are the right size (550px for the banners) and have appropriate alt text and captions.
  2. make sure you include a transliteration of the arabic names (Isam, Abu)

Page 8Edit

  1. Check latest updates to the calendar.

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