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Welcome to Transcom's Translation request submission instruction page.

Page summary

This page gives details on how to submit a request for translation and how it will be handled.

You may here ask a help for translation relevant to the Wikimedia Foundation or support its project, following the instructions below.

The request page is for edit

  • Announcements
  • Wikimedia Foundation policies and guidelines
  • Notices (e.g. sitenotices)
  • Messages from/to the Wikimedia Foundation and its Board
  • Messages on your local project need to translate into/from your language

If you need language help in communications with the Wikimedia Foundation or community/communities on Wikimedia project, this is the right place to ask for help :)

How to ask a help edit

When you put your request using {{ask a translation}} template, the result may be as below:

=== Title (in English, if possible) ===
Source location: [[internal link]] or [external link]
Delivery deadline: YYYY/MM/DD
Source language:  ISO-639-3 or ISO-639-2 code recommended
Target language(s): ISO-639-3 or ISO-639-2 code recommended
Submitted by: your signature and date (you can sign with four tildes, ~~~~)
Create a subsection for your request. If you have several requests, please make one subsection per request. If possible, an English title is preferred.
Source location
Your material is expected to be online. We prefer meta but anywhere within a Wikimedia project is fine. You may request a translation of your mailing list posting. In this case, please link your article from the archive. You may create a subpage under your meta userpage for this purpose.
Source language
The language your material is written in. ISO-639-3 code (e.g, eng, fra, deu ...) is recommended, but ISO-639-2 (e.g, en, fr, de ...) is also acceptable. Alternatively, you may write its name in English. Other languages are discouraged as it is possible that none of our coordinators will understand them. Thank you :)
Target language(s)
The language(s) the source material is to be translated into. Here also, the ISO-639-3 code is recommended. Please specify your target language(s): we may not have an idea which language you think as "major Wikimedia language" in most cases, unless you simply want "any language".
Submitted by
Your signature and date of submission. We strongly recommend that you register an account on this wiki and ask that you sign with four tildes ~~~~; these will convert automatically into a signature with your user name and date. Requests without signature and date will not be processed.

All requests submitted here will be reviewed by Transcom or its supporters Translation coordinators per language, and processed. Requests once accepted may be found at Translation requests and archived after they have been fulfilled or one month after the delivery deadline you determined. Requests rejected may be archived sooner.

We hope our volunteer translators will accept and fulfill your request as soon as possible. However these requests are processed only by volunteers, so we cannot guarantee that any translation request will be fulfilled. Thank you for your understanding.

This page is not edit

You would like to know why your request was rejected? That may be because it was a

  • Request for translating articles: Such requests should be made directly at the language projects either of your source language or of the target language. Complete list of Wikimedia projects may help you to find an appropriate project.
  • Request for translating materials not related to a Wikimedia project. However you may ask a question on a helpdesk which some of our projects provide for the public. You may find help at Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikiversity or Wikipedia.

If you know a more appropriate place for a rejected request, please move it to that place, adding a link to the page where the request has been re-submitted.