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Critical question

What do you think is the best way to encourage traffic to come to our projects while also supporting free, external content reuse?

Các hướng tiếp cận chiến lược có tiềm năng
Please read through these and let us know by number up to three of six you most support. You can also share your own idea!

  • Approach one: Increase frequency of use and number of users by adapting user experience to their needs (this may result in additional content formats, making more of Wikimedia content easier to find, increasing language coverage, etc.).
  • Approach two: Improve our understanding of how and why our users come to and stay on our projects so we can better serve their needs.
  • Approach three: Understand how Wikimedia content is reused on external platforms and explore how to encourage users of such content to go to Wikimedia projects.
  • Approach four: Increase awareness and use of Wikimedia projects in two Global South countries.
  • Hướng tiếp cận thứ nhất: Enable others to reuse our content and build their own products by improving and documenting our APIs (application programming interfaces).
  • Approach six: Improve Wikipedia mobile apps to increase use.
  • Approach seven: your idea.

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