Template:Rapid Grant request


This template is used by grantees and WMF staff to document the current status of submissions to the Rapid Grants Program. This template, if used properly, will place a notice to a grant report.


This template contains the following 8 subtemplates, which may be selected by defining the "Type" and "Status" fields:


This template contains the following fields:

  • Status=
    • Under review
    • Accepted
    • Incomplete
    • Submitted before January 2012
    • Draft
  • Date=
    • 2009-10
    • 2010-11
    • 2011-12
    • 2012-13
    • 2013-14
    • 2014-15
  • Grantee=
    • organization
    • group
    • individual

Sample usageEdit

{{Rapid Grant request|Status=Open|Date=Pending|Grantee=organization}}

{{Rapid Grant request|Status=Draft|Date=Pending|Grantee=organization}}

{{Rapid Grant request|Status=Withdrawn draft|Date=Pending|Grantee=organization}}

{{Rapid Grant request|Status=Funded|Date=2009-10|Grantee=organization}}
This submission to the Rapid Grants program was funded in the fiscal year 2009-10. This is a grant to an organization.
  • For grantees only: a report has not yet been submitted for this project. Please review the instructions listed on Grants:Project/Rapid/Report and provide a report according to the instructions in your grant agreement. Once your report is complete, please Email grants at wikimedia dot org.

{{Rapid Grant request|Status=Withdrawn}}}

{{Rapid Grant request|Status=Report past due|Date=2009-10|Grantee=organization}}
Funded with past due report
This submission to the Wikimedia Foundation Grants Program was funded in the fiscal year 2009-10. This is a grant to an organization.
  • This project has already been funded, but you may still add or review comments on the discussion page.
  • To review a list of other funded Rapid Grant submissions, please visit the reports subpage.
  • The report for this grant is PAST DUE. If you are the grantee, please submit your report immediately according to these instructions and notify grants at wikimedia dot org.

{{Rapid Grant request|Status=Not funded|Grantee=organization}}