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Meetings 2022Edit

  • Wikimedia Tamazight was actively involved in the development of recommendations by the working groups we actively had a discussion within the community for this we also held a meeting with the community. In October 2019 a strategy summit was held in Mostaganem for the Tamazight community where we provided our thoughts from our realities. Also our community has been actively involved in we also worked on sharing the Universal Code of Conduct and we have done first steps to implement Wikimedia Community.
  • Meeting members since July and August: Aziz Chetara, Ahmed Houamel, Reda Kerbouche - Main topic was working on the strategy of the User group during the next year. Google meet

Curent situation 2022Edit

  • The Office will be relocated in Canada because of the logistics is better from this country.
  • Ahmed Houamel was Elected as the leader of the group
  • Aziz Chetara was elected as the treasure of the group
  • Zino Yahoui was elected as Project Manager of the group

future project 2022-2023-2024Edit

note: you want to do an activity contact before wikimediatamazight@gmail.com

Important : Wikimedia Tamzight does not host or edit Wikipedia or any of the other projects of the Wikimedia Foundation. The User group has no control over these sites or their content.

Communities LanguagesEdit

We Have mission to manage projects for development languages , Moore 70 variants. We have tree officially Wikimedia projects lunched. Some languages are * Incubator category page for Tamazight-language test projects

Article share of Berber languages
81.349 %
18.651 %
Active user share of Berber languages
41.176 %
58.824 %
kab:Kabyle (Taqbaylit)6,69521
shi:Shilha (Taclḥit)1,53530

Total: 8,230 articles, 51 active accounts.

A set of multilingual pages on Meta are dedicated to Wiktionary and supported by the Tremendous Wiktionary User Group.

  • The information concerning the languages, dictionary : title: Dictionary Tamazight by Arav Benyounès , Edition Entre-Parenthèse and byeEdition

Add your username and your language if you are interested about projects or activities or translations or training on section participate Ajoutez votre username et la langue du projet qui vous intéresse pour des activities ou des traductions ou des formations dans la section participer

  • Algeria:

𝐓amzabit, Tacawit (Wiktionary officially launched ), Tacenwit, Tamazight standard Algeria, Taggragrent, Tagengusit, Tahaggart, Tamachaqt negh Tamaceqt, Tatargit, , Tasahit, Tawsint, Tasmrusit, Taqbaylit (Wikipedia officially launched).

  • Morocco:

Standard Moroccan Amazigh ISO 639-3 zgh, Tacelhit (Wikipedia launched), Tarifit, Tasanhayit, Senhhyi, Cilh, Tawaraynit, Baâmrani, Allisan al-gharbi à Tamsna

  • Mauritania:

Azennaga, Azennaklem, Sanhafya, Tasawaqt, Tatargit.

  • Tunisia:

Matmati, Tatargit, Zarzasi, djerbi,

  • Libya:

Awjili, Ghadamsi, Jemmari, Jilan n awilen, Nefusi, Sukni, Tatargit, Jebayli, Tatjenhut, Tatjenhnut, Talibut

  • Mali:

Tadhaq, Adagifughas, Tamacheqt negh tamacheght, Taneslant, Tatargit

  • Niger:

Tatargit, Tayart, Tawellemet, Tabarught, Tihit, Tamajaq, Tamesaghlalt, Chinsar, Tamesgarest, tetserret

  • The Canary Islands, Spain:

Taknarit, Taguncit

  • Egypt:

Tasiwant, Tatjenhut, Tatjenhnut, Talibut

  • Nigeria :


  • Sub-Saharan Africa and Sahel:

Ingelchi, Sanghay, Zarma, Tamaceqt negh Tamacheght, Tatargit, Tabaruct, Tadaksahak, Hawsa, …

  • Senegal :


  • Burkina Faso


  • Diasporas


* Write your user name and your languages if you want to participate to share free knowledge in your language, If you are a translator please write it

  • (user name / language / country or region / projet )


To facilitate the task of the workshops, the language of communication Derja close to Berber, is understood by almost all of North Africa, Arabic (several countries), French (Mali, Senegal, Chad, Diaspora ..), English (Wikimedia Fondation, Nigeria, Diaspora ....), Spanish (Spain). Speakers in their mother tongue or officiel Tamazight languages depending on the country, depending on the number of translators if there are any for each language.

Founding MembersEdit

Designated Contacts for Wikimedia FoundationEdit

Interested in participatingEdit

  1. Reda Kerbouche
  2. Anass Sedrati
  3. Houamel Ahmed - Leader of the group, CANADA, August 2022
  4. Zakaria Mimouni
  5. Zinou Yahoui - Project Manager, August 2022
  6. Abderrahman Ait Ali
  7. Reda Benkhadra
  8. Kassem Mostapha Ghoul
  9. Tatiana Kerbush
  10. Fahed Kettal
  11. Afek Ben Chahed
  12. Houmidi Assia
  13. Driss Amjich
  14. Emna Mizouni
  15. Sami Mlouhi
  16. Houcemeddine Turki
  17. Mounir Touzri
  18. Richard Rezki
  19. Omar Bouffi
  20. Mehman Ibragimov
  21. Iván Hernández Cazorla
  22. Benslimane Louardi
  23. Ali Farhi
  24. Khaoula benmessaoud
  25. Oldstoneage (talk) 14:16, 21 November 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  26. Aziz Chetara - Treasure of the group, CANADA, August 2022
  27. Idhurar
  28. Abdelmadjid Lahmadi
  29. AyourAchtouk