Tamazight Wikimedia User Group/Gestion/Membres

Meetings 2022Edit

  • Wikimedia Tamazight was actively involved in the development of recommendations by the working groups we actively had a discussion within the community for this we also held a meeting with the community. In October 2019 a strategy summit was held in Mostaganem for the Tamazight community where we provided our thoughts from our realities. Also our community has been actively involved in we also worked on sharing the Universal Code of Conduct and we have done first steps to implement Wikimedia Community.
  • Meeting members since July and August: Aziz Chetara, Ahmed Houamel, Reda Kerbouche - Main topic was working on the strategy of the User group during the next year. Google meet

Curent situation 2022Edit

  • The Office will be relocated in Canada because of the logistics is better from this country.
  • Ahmed Houamel was Elected as the leader of the group
  • Aziz Chetara was elected as the treasure of the group
  • Zino Yahoui was elected as Project Manager of the group

future project 2022-2023-2024Edit

note: you want to do an activity contact before wikimediatamazight@gmail.com

  • ASPG for the group
  • Wikibriden - a North African conference first edition in Timimoun In Algeria
  • Videos learning Mooc
  • GAP
  • Save languages and words and cultures Tamazight in danger of extinction.
  • Training adult to contribute to Wikimedia project and create adult literacy classroom.
  • GLAM

Important : Wikimedia Tamzight does not host or edit Wikipedia or any of the other projects of the Wikimedia Foundation. The User group has no control over these sites or their content.