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I think there's a place online that will make limited numbers of t-shirts for a very reasonable price, without committing anyone to any particular number. Does anyone want to look into this? This is a great idea, but I just won't have much time to work on it, as worthy a cause it might be. (It is a worthy cause--I've spent a lot of time organizing Nupedia t-shirts and I know it's a bit of work!) --Larry_Sanger

Cafe Press? It's used by a few of the online comics I read for T-shirts, coffee mugs and mousepads, with no minimum quantity. --Carey Evans

Exactly the one! Very cool! Now all we need is a big image to put on the t-shirt. It won't take long to sign up with them and it looks like they do all the work. It's just that the t-shirts are going to cost some absurd amount of money like $13 or $14.

I might have to get some Wikipedia briefs. :-) --Larry_Sanger

If no one is willing to take up this idea, I would be willing to do it, does anyone else want to set this up or should I just take charge? It would be nice to have this set up before Wikipedia Day. --Chuck Smith

If you agree upon a design, let me know and I'll get CP whatever data format they need. --LDC

Thanks, Lee! I was wondering who was going to do that. I'll have to look into what sort of format they need. If you want to investigate yourself, that would be a tremendous help. (These days, I need all the help I can get. I'm incredibly busy...) --Larry_Sanger

So...does anyone still want to make these T-shirts? I still want one! :) Dreamyshade

Dreamyshade, I know Scott Redd of the Esperanto wikipedia said he'd design them, perhaps I should pester him some more... He's planning to create an English and an Esperanto version! :) Perhaps I'll buy them both. ;) --Chuck Smith

Are the shirts still going to be made? Koyaanis Qatsi

I just recently ran across this page and like the idea. I also just recently got some iron-on T-shirt transfers and made myself a Wikipedia T-shirt. See the design at my Wikipedia user page. I'd be willing to whip up something similcar once a design is decided upon. -- Wapcaplet 02:20 23 Jun 2003 (UTC)

Norwegian comic strip (2006)Edit

The Norwegian comic strip "M" for October 27, 2006 (M by Mads Eriksen) featured a Wikipedia T-shirt of an alternative design with just one "W" puzzle piece. The text reads: Wait, wait / Dear! Come here for a moment! / Okay, repeat again what you just said. / eh, well, so this exclusive encyclopedia can be yours... / (in phone) Knut, Knut, listen to this... / Bwahaha... Who do you think we are? The Flintstones? --LA2 15:55, 30 October 2006 (UTC)

Want a Wikipedia t-shirt?Edit

(Add your name to the list below--serious money-paying Wikipedants only!)

List of people who want a Wikipedia T-shirt:

  1. Anirudh (ready to pay money, if you can charge me in INR and deliver in India)
  2. Jayanta Nath (ready to pay money, if you can charge me in INR and deliver in India)
  3. Shane Angove (Petoskey Michigan)
  4. Daniel C. Boyer
  5. Chuck Smith
  6. Larry_Sanger
  7. Stefano Kalb
  8. the Epopt
  9. WojPob
  10. Jimbo Wales (after all, I have hundreds of Nupedia shirts and mugs!)
  11. RoseParks
  12. AxelBoldt
  13. Stephen Gilbert
  14. w:Dreamyshade (If I can get my parents to let me...they better :))
  15. Lee Daniel Crocker (Actually, I'd rather have a coffee mug)
  16. user:Koyaanis Qatsi
  17. user:Magnus Manske, who still patiently waits for his Nupedia mug (not a red one!;)
  18. tbc
  19. Guppie
  20. RK
  21. Ari Paparo
  22. user:sjc
  23. Buzz
  24. user:Dmerrill
  25. Asa Winstanley
  26. mascal4
  27. user:mjtyson
  28. Revolver
  29. Meelar
  30. Kaelia
  31. BCorr|Брайен
  32. Andrevan
  33. Neolux (although a mug would be better)
  34. Pål Drange (NorwaY)
  35. Brian Kendig (I would like a shirt, but I don't care for any of the designs currently available)
  36. riobranden
  37. CS (Though a sweatshirt in my price range would be awesome)
  38. Mac Davis OOooh, this would be awesome, I would buy 3 of any shirt available!
  39. IronChris
  40. Krasdale
  41. Rmrfstar
  42. DemosDemon (Heck yes!) --Demosdemon 01:05, 21 August 2006 (UTC)
  43. Wesw02
  44. User:ShawnFisher
  45. Rsaum
  46. Damian Dunn
  47. Travis Wilber
  48. User : premjs
  49. Jet123
  50. Mschel
  51. Secos5
  52. Shimshaw
  53. GlassCobraWill E
  54. --Girdi 05:09, 24 October 2007 (UTC) I have actually designed on two wikishirts (Wikimedia:Ísland and Wikibækur with their respected logos on the centre. I will eventually post photos of these shirts when I find time to show! I wear it to university all the time and people love it! :D I am always asked about it, I am such a nörd I know haha.
  55. RageAgainstTheMachine-I will buy if its cheap enough haha!
  56. Anviwiki
  57. Corion- WTB!
  58. L. Moorer Iii
  59. alexmelodymaker (LA,CA)
  60. Gikü 13:39, 10 September 2008 (UTC)

A Andrés Simón G-S and Crew!

Ideas for T-shirt DesignEdit

Let's list some ideas and then in traditional manner "vote" on them...

  1. Offer shirts which have a date and significant events in history, that occurred on that date.
  2. The front has the wikipedia logo on it. The back is blank. (lacks the URL - AxelBoldt)
  3. Front: big wikipedia logo.
  4. On the front: text "Wikipedia", white on a black background. Back: Wikipedia logo with "The free encyclopedia" written underneath.
  5. Has the Nike "Swoosh" image with the tag: Just Wikipedia It. Back: big letters saying "". (lacks the information that users can edit - AxelBoldt)
  6. Front: logo. Back: "Be bold in updating pages!" Then a carriage return and then "". (primary votes: 7: WojPob, w:Dreamyshade, LMS, Stephen Gilbert, AxelBoldt, Seb, sjc) (secondary votes: 1: Rose Parks) 7.5 votes
  7. Front: logo. Back: "20,000 articles created in one year." Next line: "" (blue underlined)You can edit this T-shirt right now! (/blue underlined)". (appears a bit wordy - AxelBoldt) (needs editing, how about "From the Aa River to ZX Spectrum in one year" - AriPap) (secondary votes: 5: Chuck Smith, Stefano Kalb, WojPob, w:Dreamyshade, LMS)) 2.5 votes
  8. Same as #4 above but with re-attachable coloured felt-tip pen. (Cafe Press probably can't do this)
  9. Front: logo. Back: "Edit this page" translated into 22 languages. (would sell best to the non-English wikipedias and show off the international aspect of the project) (primary votes: 8: Chuck Smith, Stefano Kalb, Rose Parks, Buzz, Stephen Gilbert, Brion VIBBER, KQ, Cohesion) (secondary votes: 1: AxelBoldt) (tertiary votes: 1: LMS) 9.8 votes
  10. Front: A huge 'W' in the Wikipedia logo font. Back: the Wikipedia logo and URL
  11. Front: "Be bold in updating pages!" carriage return Wikipedia logo then "". Back: "Edit text of this page" translated into 22 languages
  12. Front: "Be bold in updating pages!" with "" (not .com) and logo. Back: "Edit this page" (not "Edit text of this page" or "Edit the text of this page") translated into 22 languages (only 2 so far).
  13. International: Front: "" (not .com) no logo (which is English), with "Edit this page" (not "Edit text of this page" or "Edit the text of this page") translated into 22 languages (only 2 so far) below. Back: "Be bold in updating pages!" translated into 22 languages (only 2 so far). (primary votes: 1: I am Jack's username) 1 vote
  14. Random articles printed all over every which way.
  15. Back: "Edit"/"Edit this text" in the lower right corner?
  16. What about a foundation t-shirt? Black or white with colour foundation logo. I like the multiple language ideas, maybe with "Edit this shirt" or something similar?
  17. A black tee shirt. On the front, over the breast: "Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia" (the logo's text, without the puzzlepiece Death-Star-egg). On the back, in large print: "Wikipedia Researcher" and the Wikipedia web address. My aim is to have a more professional-looking shirt which identifies me as someone who's actively researching articles. - Brian Kendig
  18. Simply: WIKI in big, bold letters on the front, with -pedia, -media -book -quote -news, etc.
  19. Front: All of the Wikimedia logos not just Wikipedia (Wikibooks, Wikispecies, etc...).
  20. Front: Big "W", like in the Norwegian comic strip. Back: "Free knowledge for a free world." --Schaelle 21:04, 2 May 2007 (UTC)
  21. Front: "Citation Needed" in bold with the wikipedia logo on the breast. On the back: "Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia" - L33T-pwnerer.
  22. Black t-shirt with white text and white t-shirt with black text that says "I edit Wikipedia." in some regular font.
  23. Front: "disambiguate" in large font, with "Wikipedia" underneath in small font.

I can get the texts for the 22 languages by asking at soc.culture.esperanto... now we just need someone willing to design the T-shirt...

  1. Rory Campbell:Hey you guys, I've been using your site sooo long now just finding information about different bands and then reporting back to my friends about them. I want 10 of your shirts please!
  • Idiot. I suggest having the text, I'm with genius on the front of a shirt, with an arrow between the text and the top of the shirt pointing towards the head. Have the WP logo on the front of a cap, with the URL on the back of the cap. Hunterd 09:27, 20 November 2006 (UTC)
  1. I would like a shirt that just says Iheart wikipedia, like the NY shirts.

If we could actually get some real images up here, that would help. Do people in non-English wikipedias know about the T-shirt design vote?

Image requirementsEdit

This is from the CafePress help desk:

  • Image size: at least 200x200 pixels
  • Image formats supported: BMP, JPEG, GIF
  • Resolution: 150 to 300 DPI

Should we set a deadline for votes and put a link on the front page of the wikipedias?

Moved some older discussion to the talk namespace.

Germany / Deutschland * Austria / Österreich * Switzerland / SchweizEdit

German speaker can order T-Shirts at or at

Deutschsprachige Benutzer können jetzt auch hier günstig T-Shirts bestellen: oder bei

Regarding, may I know who is the seller of these, and who is making the benefits over the sale of these items ? Anthere 21:53, 5 Aug 2004 (UTC)

According to WiseWoman, each of these sales brings 1 euro to the german association. ant (note for information in answer to my question)
According to the shop's "Impressum", the shop belongs to Arne Klempert, formerly chairman of Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. Perhaps the shop belongs to the chapter and the name hasn't been updated. --LA2 22:49, 27 July 2007 (UTC)

Alternatives to CafePressEdit

Make sure its a fair trade t shirt! 15:35, 13 September 2007 (UTC)

I, for one, find that CafePress products are shoddy quality. Can't Wikipedia get a real T-shirt maker to make some shirts? Andrevan 20:13, 1 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Hi, it will be advertising since I'm a spreadshirt representative, but you might wish to try the "flock" printing method at your spreadshirt shop. To do so the print can be only up to three colors, but you can print also on dark shirts and the print is durable (no fading at all).

Also, since the end of last year spreadshirt is selling not only in German but in 8 European languages. For the US we have our own warehouse, so shipping of US orders takes place from within the US - this gives quick delivery times and low shipping costs.

Check out for EU, clasamente fotbal, and for the US.

Lukasz spreadshirt

Disparity between displayed back-of-shirt and real back-of-shirtEdit

In early March 2005, I ordered a Wikipedia white t-shirt [1]. Upon receipt, I was somewhat disappointed that the back said "Wikipedia (" rather than "Edit this page" (which I would have preferred) as is displayed on CafePress. At the least, this disparity should be resolved. Ground 13:52, 17 Mar 2005 (UTC)

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