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Anti-Harassment Tools team to work on generating data on testwikiEdit

Hi y'all! As a heads up, the Anti-Harassment Tools team will work on generating a bunch of data on next week in preparation for some user tests to be done with the new Checkuser. The edits will be made from non-WMF accounts. Let me know if there are any concerns with that. Thanks. -- NKohli (WMF) (talk) 20:56, 30 April 2020 (UTC)

Thanks for the heads up. --DannyS712 (talk) 21:16, 30 April 2020 (UTC)

Help smaller wiki communities grow their technical capacity!Edit

Hi all, Small Wiki Toolkits (SWT) is an initiative to support small wiki communities by sharing and developing technical skills needed to support, maintain, and grow a language wiki. You can learn more about it here: As a next step for this initiative, sharing with you some ideas on how you can be a part of this:

  • Contribute to a Starter kit by proposing or helping develop and write recommendations for technical topics in simple English.
  • Develop toolkits using the recommendations on the SWT page. You can see existing toolkits in the Category:Small_wiki_toolkits on Wikimedia Commons.
  • Learn technical topics using the resources on the SWT page and apply the skills gained to provide technical support to a small wiki community.
  • Translate resources such as the SWT page itself and tutorials on technical topics linked from it.
  • Provide technical support on the support desk on, mailing lists, etc.
  • Organize a technical workshop or a session to help a small wiki community.

If you want to help with any of the above or there is anything else you would like to share around building local capacity in a small wiki, please start a discussion on the talk page and/or add your name to the list of interested membersSSethi (WMF) (talk) 00:30, 8 May 2020 (UTC) (on behalf of the Small Wiki Toolkits Initiative)

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