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wiktionary being complicated

I don't know where to put this, so I write it here. I am generally an absolut wikipedia fan, so for wictionary I tried to add a word (german wictionary). But it is so damm komplicated with that template, I just gave up with wiktionary. My proposal: Wiktionary Content has to be strictly struktured as I see it. So how about providing the user with an edit form with many html-fields for each structured entry, instead of one big edit box. [] .. show the Html-Edit-Boxes Like Word: [Proposal] Kind: (x) Noun (o) Verb (o) Adverb Plural: [Proposals] etc. I know it woulb be a rather serious addition to the wikipedia engine, but I think it would make real sense to wictionaty. An make it possible for a normal human to add entries without wrinting a thesis about that templates first...

At the moment there are competing ways of doing a wiktionary article; the en:way is highly unstructured and free of templates. The nl:fr:it:etc:way is highly structured and it uses templates extensively. The de:way is also highly structured but different from the previous one. There is a proposal to structure wiktionary, this proposal can be found on Meta. It will have the kind of features that you talk about and much more. This will also make it more obvious how to add content. GerardM 08:20, 17 Dec 2004 (UTC)
Though de: is highly structured and seems to be difficult for newbies, but they had full of instructions and help. See wikt:de:Wiktionary:Formatvorlage, for example. You can start to copy and paste them and after fill blanks. Enjoy. --Aphaia 08:37, 17 Dec 2004 (UTC)
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