Migrate to global CSS/JS

request done:
Cbrown1023 (global account · recent activity · user pages)
  • go to User:Cbrown1023/*.css and User:Cbrown1023/*.js on every wiki
  • and delete the page.
request_user = u'Cbrown1023',
request_title = u'User:Cbrown1023/*.css and User:Cbrown1023/*.js',
request_action = lambda bot: bot.delete(),
skip_existing = False,
skip_new = True,
skip_unregistered = False,
skip_wikis = [],
only_wikis = [],
delete_summary = None,
edit_summary = None,

Merge local scripts and styles into User:Cbrown1023/global.js and User:Cbrown1023/global.css, then delete the local pages. (Discussed at User talk:Cbrown1023#Global CSS/JS migration.) —Pathoschild 18:00, 21 September 2014 (UTC)

Done! I deleted global.js on fywiki and ltwiki, vector.js on metawiki, and monobook.js on all wikis:
The following log shows what the bot did on each wiki. You can click the columns to sort the log.
timewikilogged action
00:55commons.wikimedia.orgmarked for deletion (was 46 bytes).
00:55incubator.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 0 bytes).
01:30beta.wikiversity.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:30www.mediawiki.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:30meta.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
01:30no.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:31pa-us.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
01:31quality.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
01:31species.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:31test.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
01:32af.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 147 bytes).
01:32ar.wikipedia.orgmarked for deletion (was 146 bytes).
01:34de.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:34en.wikibooks.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:39br.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:40de.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:41en.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
01:41es.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
01:41eu.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:41fi.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:41fr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 0 bytes).
01:42fy.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
01:42he.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 147 bytes).
01:42hi.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:43it.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
01:43ja.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:44ko.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 147 bytes).
01:45lt.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
01:45wikimania2008.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
01:45wikimania2009.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
01:46wikimania2010.wikimedia.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
01:47mt.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:47nds.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
01:48en.wikinews.orgdeleted (was 147 bytes).
01:48pt.wikinews.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:49nl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:49no.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
01:50pl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
01:50pt.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
01:52en.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:53ja.wikiquote.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:55ro.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:55ru.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:56sl.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
01:57en.wikisource.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
02:00sr.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
02:00sv.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
02:00te.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
02:00th.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 46 bytes).
02:02en.wikiversity.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
02:04zh.wikipedia.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
02:06en.wiktionary.orgdeleted (was 146 bytes).
02:12yi.wiktionary.orgskipped (matches new text).
I didn't delete your CSS pages (since I didn't know how you'd want them merged), monobook.js@yiwiktionary (which has some distinct scripts), and monobook.js@ukwikimedia (my login doesn't work there, so you'll need to request deletion for it). —Pathoschild 02:48, 26 September 2014 (UTC)