SugarCRM is customer relationship management (CRM) system, in use by the Wikimedia Foundation. WMF is using the open-source version which used to be available: Community Edition 6.5 is currently in maintenance mode[1] and will not be followed by a version 7.[2] The following past uses of SugarCRM are known.

  • In June 2006 it was tested for something.[3]
  • In August 2011, it was reported to be considered as an option for some uses: "We have implemented and field tested case management systems such as SugarCRM".[4]
  • In May 2012, it "was being customized for the use of India Programs".[5]
  • The Legal and Community Advocacy Team uses SugarCRM "as a case management tool for our team and Legal (as well as others)".[6]
    • Ops documentation is not aware of the service, software or server.[7]

Other facts about SugarCRM pertinent to Wikimedia projects are known.

  • In May 2014, Lila Tretikov is announced as the new executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation. She was previously chief product officer at SugarCRM.[8]

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