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Pasting here comment to [1] because I have no idea whether it went through.

Thanks Maggie, one fourth is an interesting figure. At least for the cases where you contact law enforcement and similar, you probably know what country it's about, so it would be nice to have actual (though approximate) statistics about that.

As for SugarCRM, thanks Tilman, Maggie and Philippe for confirming that there wasn't a specific announcement or documentation of its adoption. As Jean-Fred notes, passing mentions in unrelated documents years after the fact are not appropriate communication. On the bright side, it's easy for you three with your experience to fix:

  • Jean-Fred already added a note on the "official registry" (created by Erik): [2];
  • can be expanded e.g. covering the topic mentioned by Philippe;
  • an email to WikimediaAnnouncement@, wikimedia-l@, fundraiser@, wikitech-l@ linking the above pages should then be enough to let most interested people know.

Besides, it's lovely to hear "write me [...] I love to geek out about CRMs", as this is an interesting topic to internally spread knowledge about; but it would be even better if such conversations happened on this talk page (or another "Talk:" page here on Meta) for the benefit of everyone. --Nemo 08:04, 24 September 2014 (UTC)

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