Style guide

For a style guide regarding the Wikipedia puzzle globe and other Wikimedia logos and wordmarks, see the WMF visual identity guidelines
For a style guide for contributions to Meta itself, see Meta:Style guide.

Welcome to the proposed style guide for Wikimedia projects and communications. This guide is maintained by the communications committee. Please leave suggestions and comments on the talk page.


Proper usage should be defined for:

  • Project and wiki names
  • Project subtitles, slogans, and other epithets
  • Project logos
  • Foundation names and components
  • Major Wikipedia project names
  • Names of individuals
  • Names of MediaWiki components and pages
  • Special naming (events, Days, parts of the default skin, &c)

Project logosEdit

  • Each major Wikimedia Project should have its own basic logo, which should be approved by the Foundation.
  • Individual language versions of each project should suggest localized version of the basic logo, which should be implemented as the sitewide logo by a developer.

Project slogansEdit

  • Each major Wikimedia Project should have a brief slogan, aligned with its official goals.

Wikiproject logos and slogansEdit

These are less directly 'wikimedia projects' and so have more leeway in how they define themselves; however some basic style guidelines should still be observed.


Format style should be defined for:

  • Statistics (stats to use, definition of ambiguous terms)
  • First paragraphs of typical documents (overview, links to related work, bolding)
  • Letters of various kinds

See alsoEdit

Reference should be made in this guide to:

  • Other style guides for specific projects
  • Other identity and style discussions
  • Communications policies