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Teles edit

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    Hello, folks! My name is Lucas Teles, volunteer since 2007 and I was a Steward between 2012 and 2020 (See 2012 election and last year confirmation page). I left the Steward group last year in good standing for not being able, at that moment, to cope with somethings going on on personal and professional lives. I had to save more time until things were settling down and I believe these issues are now completely in the past. I feel like I should explain a little why I had to leave the group that time. Last year, I was hired by a large Hospital in my city at the intensive care unit and everything was new for me; had to study and work more and it was mentally and physically stressful. That unit would later become a unit designed to treat patients with COVID and then I was sure I made the right decision. At that time, I was also working as a Wikimedia Foundation contractor as a community liaison in Portuguese language for the Wikimedia 2030 Strategy Process. For that, I decided to give me a partial "break" and reduce my volunteer work, but I still could help as a member of Ombuds commission, admin on Portuguese wiki, Meta and Commons.

    Being on the "other side" and having to request stewards to do things that I used to do for years served as a learning experience and allowed me to relive that position. I believe it was a valid experience that put myself in the shoes of other volunteers that usually see themselves in need of Steward assistance. Today, I still work at the same Hospital, but with more experience and able to spend more time with those things that I enjoy, like being a Steward. I am not a foundation contractor anymore, so I have more availability. For this year, I plan to be a little bit more active as a Steward than I was before. I will be resigning from two positions in order to better focus. I am in my third term as a Ombuds commission member and a sysop from Commons since 2015, but I am leaving those groups this year.

    I am currently active as an admin and crat at Portuguese Wikipedia, admin on Meta and Global rollbacker. I can be found via IRC and use to watch countervandalism and spam detection channels. I also use SWViewer to watch small wikis. If elected, I plan to help on that area with Steward tool, but also focused on checkuser and oversight duties. So, if community believes I am still trusted and could help as a Steward, I will be happy to be back at work!—Teles «Talk ˱C L @ S˲» 15:53, 17 January 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]
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