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  • Languages: EN-n
  • Personal info: (English)
    Hi! I'm Praxidicae. I am currently a global sysop and administrator on Mediawiki, account creator on the English Wikipedia, abuse filter helper and OTRS agent and through these rights, I frequently deal with sensitive, private information. My primary focus is combating cross-wiki spam, vandalism and harassment, especially dealing with spambots, which I have extensive experience identifying, deleting and blocking, where permitted, as well as collaborating with various projects to identify strings for abuse filters to prevent spam and vandalism. Ultimately I am running to help abate the extensive problem of cross-wiki abuse, outside of typical childish vandalism.

    Having been the subject myself of targeted harassment in real life that stemmed from on-wiki abuse, I am hoping to also work with the Wikimedia Foundation through this role to create a healthier environment for editors and find additional resources to help those who may also be targeted in this way. I hope for the community's trust and support.
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