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  • Languages: uk-N, ru-4, en-2.5, be-3 (reading), ja-0.5, es-0.5, nl-0.5, slavic-0.5
  • Personal info: (English)

    I am Base. I am a native Ukrainian speaker, I also speak near-native Russian, I understand Belarusian reasonably well, and I speak Upper-Intermediate English. As to other languages, I can get rudimentary Japanese, Spanish, and Dutch, as well as other Slavic languages.

    I am in Wikimedia movement for almost eight years.

    Originally being from Ukrainian community, my second home is Meta-Wiki where I serve as an administrator for 3 years. I have participated to a bigger or smaller extent in most of the sister projects, in a couple of Wikipedias, and the focal point of my activity is the international Community being Meta, Outreachwiki, to a smaller extent Commons and Wikidata.

    I have never been much a content contributor, rather focusing on different meta areas such as enforcing Licensing policy, designing templates, running bots mostly for some non-trivial (i.e. not pywikibot predefined) tasks, as well as translation of the global content (on Meta, Outreachwiki, Commons,, and Wikidata) and the interface (on

    I am not bereft of controversy, you can read about it on my Meta RfA. There is nothing I can do about things done but learn from them, and hopefully I am doing a much better job now.

    As a Meta-Wiki admin, I already hold some global permissions, such as global abuse filter rights, until recently Central Notice rights, and global * blacklist modification access.

    I see the following areas as my primary focus be I elected a steward:

    • SRP — I've interacted with the page many times to request rather a spectrum of rights for myself and other users on different wikis, I believe I know procedures and practices well enough.
    • SRUC — I do not hold the account renamer flag, but I am familiar with some possible pitfalls of the process, also having undergo usurpations and some juggling with my accounts for SUL finalisation I know some of the finer details.
    • SRM — some requests require mass actions, and I can conjure bots/scripts which will help; some require some insight, and I believe I have broad enough experience to have a good one.
    • SRB — as a botmaster myself I think I would be the right person to manage those.
    • SRGP — I am well aware what each of the global flags is for, no rocket science here otherwise.
    • SRG — I will keep an eye on unblock requests, I know that some blocks affect hundreds of good faith editors and there's room for improvement in better response to those.
    • OS — I am familiar with the policy, and I will do my best to ensure prompt reaction to the requests.

    I will also respond to the stewards queue in OTRS, I have experience with OTRS per se on its permissions frontier.

    As much as my time and the boundaries of policies would allow, I will try to help small wikis with some technical set up.

    I will also do SRCU, I am familiar with the policy as well as the tool for what it is worth, but I do not see myself as an LTA war vanguard fighter. I have experience in SWMT from quite a while ago, but I will not have time and energy to chase after vandals all the time.

    My own criteria of a good Steward candidate include cross-wiki contributions (I do not believe a person contributing to a single wiki or two only would make a good steward), counter-vandalism activity (stewardship revolves around it this way or the other), and familiarity with the global policies where it is possible to gauge that. I believe myself to be competent in this regard. Stewardship is probably that one flag that is a big deal. It is a big decision for me to decide to run. I feel like I am ready to help, now it is up to the community to decide if that help is needed.
  • Questions: See Stewards/Elections 2019/Questions#Base