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  • Languages: ko, en-3
  • Personal info: (English)
    Hi. I’m revi. I started editing in 2013, and have been admin @ Wikidata since Nov 2013, @ Commons since January 2014, and @ Korean Wikipedia since September 2014. I have also been a global renamer since November 2014 and a global rollbacker since January 2015.

    I believe my specialized knowledge in Korean and the timezone (I live in KST which is UTC+9 for 365 days a year, so I can cover European and American night times when most of the current Stewards are asleep) will make me a great addition to the Stewards team. Meanwhile, I have to admit that I was not super-active in countervandalism/SWMT in 2017.

    As a steward, I would continue my global renaming with more complex procedures (i.e. usurping), and locking/blocking LTAs (examples include this one or this one, both primarily Korean), working with spam blacklists and title blacklists. However, I know I’ll be spending time doing ‘what needs to be done’, which is not necessarily ‘what I’d like to do’, so I believe I will be doing things more than these things.

    Full Disclosure: I work for / provide service to the Wikimedia Foundationlink to WMF account userpage, but I do not think my status as WMF staff conflicts with the steward position, as my role as a staff member is “communicating with Korean Wikipedia” which is only involving contributing to Korean Wikipedia, my homewiki under Steward policy. WMF have Support and Safety (SuSa) and Office IT dedicated for handling staff related actions, so they don’t have any reason to ask me to do something for them, but if I am requested to do something for the WMF that is against community’s opinion, I’d quit my job at WMF rather than doing it.

    WMF SuSa is aware of my SE candidacy, and they are ok with this. I signed confidentiality agreement long ago, and OTRS confidentiality agreement.
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