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  • Languages: ja, en-1
  • Personal info: (English)
    Hello, everyone. I'm rxy (formerly known as Hosiryuhosi).

    I'm active at Japanese Wikipedia since 2008. Previously, I served as sysop and bureaucrat in that wiki, and served as sysop in meta and wikidata. In addition to this, I'm former global-sysop.

    Also as CVN staff, I manage CVNBots and IRC channels. This bots is used in SWMT.

    Reason for candidacy: We have many x-wiki vandals (e.g. spambot or LTA), but when I only having global-sysop rights, some x-wiki vandals cannot be stopped. Sometimes needed helping by stewards for global blocking and Locking CA account.

    if I elected, I'll be help to current stewards and everyone for fighting vandalism and handling various requests.

    I was inactive In 2015 for busy in real world, but I'll be active in 2016.

    Thank you for reading my statement.
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