Вікімедыйцы Паўночнай Каліфорніі

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Калі ласка, размесціце сваё імя пад загалоўкам «Падтрымка!», калі Вы зацікаўлены ў далучэнні да групы карыстальнікаў:

Гэтая старонка прызначана для развіцця групы карыстальнікаў «Вікімедыйцы Паўночнай Каліфорніі».

A new WikiFan group called WikiSoCal is now active, based in San Diego, and supporting highly-inclusive outreach activities to everyone in our region, nationally and around the world. We are organizing off wiki to reach more new volunteers, and invite everyone reading this to join us, signing up for meeting notifications at www.meetup.com/wikisocal.

On March 14, 2017, we posted the WikiSoCal 2017 grant application to the Wikimedia community, seeking support for the community building work we've got planned for 2017. We would be very grateful for your reviews, reactions and endorsements on the proposal - there's so much more we can do if we scale up! Please take a look and post your feedback there.

As you probably know if you're reading this, learning how to be a wiki editor takes a lot of time, and isn't something a lot of people can or want to do. But there's an incredible number of people in the world benefiting from and wanting to support Wikimedia projects however we can. We're working to make that easier with volunteer and service learning opportunities beyond editing, designed to give people of all ages, abilities, and cultural backgrounds easier ways to participate is this incredible wiki movement. We're on a mission to help a lot more people volunteer within the wiki movement, feel welcomed and appreciated, and have fun at the same time! Hope everyone here will come and join us!

Спасылкі на праекты

  • Вікіпедыя
    • WikiProject California (энцыклапедычныя артыкулы на тэму Каліфорніі на англійскай мове)
  • Вікікрыніцы
    • Portal California (выходныя англамоўныя тэксты на тэму каліфарнійскай гісторыі)
  • Вікісховішча