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This is a sample 'shingle', or page showing how a professor of Wikiversity might advertise his availablility for teaching. Note: All people and information on this page are fictional, for the purpose of demonstration only.

Professor Steven LeharEdit


Steven Lehar

Professor of Psychology Psychology Department under Dean Boudewijnse, departmenent PSY-042-71 Wikiversity


Professor Steven Lehar has a degree in computer science from Northeastern University, and a PhD in Cognitive and Neural Systems from Boston University. He was professor of cognitive psychology at Salem State College. Professor Lehar is renouned for his defense of representationalism, in his book The World In Your Head, and his paper Gestalt Isomorphism , and his Harmonic Resonance Theory of brain function. He is an acknowledged expert in the field of Gestalt psychology.

Teaching PhilosophyEdit

I encourage students to go beyond the required material, and to demonstrate insight and creativity in expressing the larger significance behind the course material. Valuable insights and significant theoretical contributions to Gestalt theory will be reflected in generous grades. I believe in acknowledging and rewarding evidence of higher intelligence and understanding, of a form which may not be in evidence in the required papers and exams.

Courses OfferedEdit


Andrew Worth Enrolled WV-PSY-104 July 2005

Joe Enis Completed WV-PHIL-408 August 2005 grade A

Dan Cruthirds Completed WV-PSY-208.