Dan Cruthirds

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Dan CruthirdsEdit

Professor's CommentsEdit

Dan does not have much interest in philosophical issues, but he is such a whiz-bang programmer, and can crank out such impressive bodies of code, that I have to ackowledge Dan as a uniquely gifted student.

Student's CommentsEdit

Gestalt theory introduced me to a completely different kind of analogical algorithm which turns out to be very useful in solving problems which are difficult to solve using other means. I highly recommend this course for computer programmers with an interest in philosophy.

Detailed GradesEdit

Paper 1: The NP Complete Problem in Gestalt Feedback Systems.

Comments: Dan is a very prolific programmer, and he makes arguments by way of computer simulations.

Exam 1: Score 82, Grade B

Simulation 2: Gestalt Relaxation using Runge-Kutta Optimization. Grade A+.

Comments: Dan has perfected the simulation of differential equations for obtaining analogical solutions to real-world problems. .

Exam 2: Score 56, Grade C

Simulation 3: Volumetric Vision by Gestalt Relaxation.

Comments: Dan has undertaken a formidable challenge of modeling three-dimensional vision using volumetric convolution filters. This is a very impressive body of code!

Exam 3: Score 83, Grade B

Simulation 4: Volumetric Vision With Illumination. Grade A+

Comments: Dan has outdone himself again, and added illumination to his volumetric vision model. This is now a revolutionary computer model that addresses issues not yet addressed elsewhere.

Exam 4: Score 73, Grade B-

Course Grade: A+