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She Did It UA
4 – 11 October, 2019
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She Did It uân-sîng

The She Did It has come to an end. We are proud to say that it has been a fantastic competition with a huge commitment from all of you. Together you have made significant contribution to more than N articles! Your hard work has helped reduce the gap and has exceeded our wildest expectations! We hope that many of you continue your work making the gap smaller day by day. Thank you for your fantastic participation!

--> How to register

All you have to do join this contest is to add your username below with a link to your home language user page; then, when you create or improve pages in any languages, come back here and add a link to each page under your name, with the score you claim. To register, please follow the format of the Example below. Also, take a look at our scoring system below. Please add the hashtag #She_Did_It in your edit summary, to make it easy for us to find your contributions.


You are responsible for counting your own points. Here's how to do it:

  • +0.5 point for each image added to a Wikipedia article in any language (including your own photos).
  • +1 point for each +1,000 bytes of added content to a Wikipedia article in any language.
  • +1 point for each corresponding Wikidata item that you create or improve.
  • +1 point for each new source you add to an existing Wikipedia article in any language.
  • +1 point for each new source you add to an existing Wikidata object.
  • +5 points if your article is one of the proposed ones from the organizing teams.
  • +5 points for each new translation of a Wikipedia article to any language.
  • +25 points for a Good Article in any language.
  • +50 points for a Featured Article in any language.
  • BONUS POINTS: If you convince an experienced editor (100+ edits) to join the Challenge - you will get +10 points when they have done their first contribution. Make sure to get your wiki friends involved!

The points are cumulative.

The organizers have the final say in the scoring of the contributions and will clarify the rules and points if needed. Please note that the aim is to improve Wikipedia with high-quality articles, so any content of low quality that has been added will lose points or even result in a ban from the contest, if the organizers so decide.

Please remember

The points are simply here to make this more fun. Even if you do not join the Challenge to win we would love to learn about your work after the event, so please highlight it here. Your contribution is valuable in itself and with each edit you help make Wikipedia better.

  • If you add 3,600 bytes of content to an existing article, you get 3 points.
  • If you translate an article into Turkish and it is 4,100 bytes long, you get 9 points: 5 points for starting a new article and 4 for its extension.
  • If you add 3,600 bytes of wikitext (templates, infoboxes, citations) to an existing article, you get 3 points.
  • If you are the main editor of a new Featured article with e.g. 153,000 bytes of content written by you… you get 153 points for the bytes, and 100 points (and our eternal gratitude :-) for reaching the Featured article status.

Sin pian-tsiá

If you are a new Wikipedia editor, first of all, welcome! We suggest that you take a look at Wikipedia:Translation and the en:Wikipedia:Introduction. That will make it easier to get going! When you start writing, the Manual of Style might be of help. These links go to Wikipedia in English, but all these pages are available in many languages. When you visit them, please have a look on the left-hand side (under "Languages") and see if they exist in your language as well. Every language version of Wikipedia is unique, with its own community and its own conventions, so it's good to have a look at the rules.

Contributing to Wikipedia is easier now than ever before and you don't really have to learn any code! Please have a look at Wikipedia:VisualEditor for more information.

Please note that this page is for participants writing in any language apart from the Ukrainian one. Participants who write in the Ukrainian language will be scored separately from the rest of the participants — see the page on UkWiki for more details.

The scoring system's design has been inspired by WikiGap Challenge

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Contest details
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If you have any questions about this writing challenge, please add them to our talk page.

Tsham-ú-tsiá tshing-tuann

LZVT KKVSK, 6 points (英文)

  1. Nadia Parfan 1500 bytes, new article = 1+5=6 points //waiting for the review and will be updated

Rybka175, 22 points (俄文)

  1. ru:Радзимовская, Валентина Васильевна 12,000 bytes, new article, translation = 12+5+5=22 points
  1. Halyna Kouzmenko 10,000 bytes, new article, translation, 9 new sources = 10+5+5+9 = 29 points
  2. Maya Green 3,000 bytes, new article, 4 new sources = 4+5+4 = 13 points

Wikidata: 170 points

labels in Bengal-gí (Q9610), Hindi-gí (Q1568):  

  1. Ulana Suprun (Q21600039)
  2. 卡捷琳娜·澤連科 (Q59282127)
  3. Mary Beck (Q6779026)
  4. 卡捷琳娜·澤連科 (Q59282127)
  5. Olha Basarab (Q1100392)
  6. 杜亨·哈提婕 (Q621548)
  7. Nataliya Kobrynska (Q4225202)
  8. 帕莎·安格林娜 (Q1964769)
  9. 柳德米拉·帕夫里琴科 (Q145065)
  10. Olena Kulchytska (Q11801516)
  11. Sofia Rusova (Q12149413)
  12. Varvara Khanenko (Q12166860)
  13. Uliana Kravchenko (Q4475006)
  14. Marichka Padalko (Q4281613)
  15. 伊琳娜·赫拉申科 (Q2690130)
  16. Iryna Suslova (Q18729514)
  17. 伊琳娜·赫拉申科 (Q2690130)
  18. 伊萬娜·克里姆普什-欽察澤 (Q20067554)
  19. Khrystyna Alchevska (Q4063217)
  20. 斯維特拉娜·伊萬諾夫娜·格拉西緬科 (Q12095007)
  21. 馬林娜·維亞佐夫斯卡 (Q23721911)
  22. Hélène Sparrow (Q17012619)
  23. Nadine Dobrovolskaïa-Zavadskaïa (Q12101508)
  24. Nadine Dobrovolskaïa-Zavadskaïa (Q12101508)
  25. Antonina Prikhot'ko (Q4379318)
  26. 多布蘿迪婭 (Q4163672)
  27. Nataliia Polonska-Vasylenko (Q1972559)
  28. Kateryna Yushchenko (Q16498)
  29. Solomiia Pavlychko (Q2034405)
  30. 維拉·基斯提亞科斯基 (Q15074356)
  31. Vira Vovk (Q3847343)
  32. Marina Rodnina (Q21264368)
  33. Sofia Okunevska (Q12135505)
  34. Maria Pavlova (Q4341583)
  35. 柳德米拉·斯塔尼采斯卡-切爾尼阿奇夫斯卡 (Q4439948)
  36. Lyubov Mala (Q4276661)
  37. 奧莉加·斯科羅霍多娃 (Q1396646)
  38. 娜塔莉亞·雅科文科 (Q4536789)
  39. 索羅米亞·庫舒尼卡 (Q267058)
  40. 瑪麗亞·普里馬琴科 (Q2639482)
  41. Olha Kobylianska (Q267137)
  42. 瑪利亞維林斯卡 (Q2421158)
  43. 凱特琳娜·比洛克 (Q4082561)
  44. 泰蒂亞娜·雅布隆斯卡 (Q4535928)
  45. Mariana Sadovska (Q521717)
  46. Olena Teliha (Q2620289)
  47. Vera Kholodnaya (Q2622578)
  48. Maria Raevskaia-Ivanova (Q15088608)
  49. 亞歷山德拉·埃克斯特 (Q242121)
  50. Natalena Koroleva (Q3504672)
  51. Maria Zankovetska (Q130376)
  52. Paraska Plytka-Horytsvit (Q12140927)
  53. 琪拉·穆拉托娃 (Q435805)
  54. Kvitka Cisyk (Q1960944)
  55. Marya Zaturenska (Q545261)
  56. Valentina (Q4407601)
  57. 安娜·斯坦 (Q507996)
  58. Nina Bichuya (Q12087053)
  59. 阿達·羅戈夫采娃 (Q1711461)
  60. Emma Andiyevska (Q291500)
  61. Maria Sokil (Q6761590)
  62. 索尼亞·德勞內 (Q232972)
  63. Olena Pchilka (Q2447379)
  64. 索非亞·納萊平斯卡-博伊丘克 (Q4312591)
  65. 瑪麗·巴什基爾采夫 (Q255253)
  66. Sonia Lewitska (Q12117354)
  67. Iryna Vilde (Q4203178)
  68. Iryna Zhylenko (Q2336326)
  69. Alla Zahaikevych (Q1981300)
  70. 斯維特拉娜·阿扎羅夫 (Q455606)
  71. 拉里莎·捨皮特科 (Q138477)
  72. Ira Malaniuk (Q94208)
  73. 依蕾娜·內米洛夫斯基 (Q168441)
  74. Roma Pryma-Bohachevsky (Q7361488)
  75. Zinaida Serebryakova (Q161858)
  76. 列霞·烏克蘭卡 (Q298033)
  77. 卡捷琳娜·蒙祖爾 (Q1105468)
  78. 亞娜·克洛科娃 (Q230947)
  79. 奧莉加·哈爾蘭 (Q430937)
  80. 奧克薩娜·馬斯特斯 (Q2930380)
  81. 瑪麗亞·穆茲丘克 (Q439881)
  82. 安娜·穆茲丘克 (Q241258)
  83. Varya Akulova (Q5647065)
  84. Sasha Putrya (Q4384395)
  85. Liudmyla Barbir (Q16162070)

Wikpedia : 16 points

  1. ভিরা ভোভক 6,311 bytes, new article from proposed list, new translation = 6+5+5 = 16 points, 55 points (烏克蘭文)

  1. ru:Таня Муиньо 10,180 bytes, new article, translation, 1 source = 10+5+5+1=20 points
  2. wikidata: [1], Wikidata, 1pt
  3. wikidata: [2], Wikidata, 1pt
  4. wikidata: [3], Wikidata, 1pt
  5. wikidata: [4], Wikidata, 1pt
  6. ru:Layah 2,017 bytes, 2 sources = 4 points
  7. ru:Андраде, Мишель 4,063 bytes, 5 sources = 4+5=9 points
  8. ru:Козлова, Марьяна Олеговна 8,606 bytes, new article, translation = 8+5+5=18 points

Omotecho 31.5 points (日文)

  1. jawp, Sofia Rusova w:ja:ソフィア・ルソワ 19,965 bytes = 19pt, proposed = 5 pt, translated new article = 5 pt, images added = 1.5 pt (0.5*3).
  2. wikidata: Sofia Rusova, labels in ja, 1pt*5= 5pts

З. ӘЙЛЕ, 65,5 points (巴什喀爾文)

1. ba:Монзуль Екатерина Владимировна 9300 bytes, translation = 9+5=14 points

wikidata [5] 1pt

2. ba:Кобринская Наталия Ивановна 2955 bytes, translation = 3+5=8 points

wikidata [6] 1pt

3. ba:Малая Любовь Трофимовна 10107 bytes, translation = 10+5=15 points

wikidata [7] 1pt

4. ba:Кульчицкая Елена Львовна 7412 bytes, translation = 7+5=12 points

wikidata [8] 1pt

5. ba:Роднина Марина Владимировна 6597, translation = 6,5+5=11,5 points

wikidata [9] 1pt

Хаят Йосопова1, 98 points (巴什喀爾文)

  1. ba:Турхан солтан 26 161 bytes, translation = 26+5=31 points
    wikidata [10] 1pt
  2. ba:Супрун Ульяна 17 278 bytes, translation = 17+5=22 points
    wikidata [11] 1pt
  3. ba:Басараб Ольга Михайловна 5 729 bytes, translation = 6+5=11 points
    wikidata [12] 1pt
  4. ba:Русова София Федоровна 25 347 bytes, translation = 25+5=30 points
    wikidata [13] 1pt

Visem, 11 points

  1. sah:Кононова Александра Николаевна 1228 bytes, new article = 1+5=6 points
  2. ba:Гусева Ирина Борисовна 655 bytes, new article = 5 points

J ansari (13 points) (印地文)

  1. hi:अबादी बानो बेगम 7,000 bytes, new article, 6 new sources = 7+6 = 13


Thanks to all those who participated in the challenge! Five most active participants, who will get rewarded will prizes, are Marajozkee, Хаят Йосопова1, З. ӘЙЛЕ,, and ProletariatetsBefrielseOrkester.