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Shared Knowledge carried out WikiWomen Macedonia in 2015 (ВикиЖени in Macedonian). It consisted of training and editing sessions of participants from 2 women's organisations in the country.

One of the sessions with the most new users
Wiki women at event of giving certificates in Kumanovo

Members of Shared Knowlede who participated in the training sessions:

Activities edit

The main activities of the project included the organization of 28 sessions (one more than the previously planned 27 sessions) in form of edith-a-thons and training for women in two cities in Macedonia, Skopje and Kumanovo. We planed to finish everything in the two months of April and May, but due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g. protests) we had to reschedule sessions in June as well. The target attendance was women of several organizations in Macedonia. They were educated through a step-by-step course (hands-on) on how to edit Wikipedia and edited Wikipedia articles during the planned edit-a-thons. Our part was to have an almost every day contact with organization's coordinators, to find a venue for the women, provide logistics, go through the teaching process with them, check the articles, answer all the questions of participants, etc.

Achievements edit

  • 56 female editors, 4 of them returnee, didn't edit several years.
  • 20% of them are active out of sessions
  • 210 new articles and 39 improved, 21 uploaded photos
  • 6 application forms for admission to Shared Knowledge

Report page edit

For more details, see our WikiWomen 2015 Report page.