SVG whiteboard

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics and a "whiteboard" is a blank slate used to draw or write on. An implementation of a whiteboard on a webpage requires a format, and this is generally a vector-based format (Flash, SVG) as opposed to a raster format. Flash is not opensource, hence its development has fast been outpaced by the open XML based SVG format.

My definition of whiteboard means that you can have several people editing at the same time, or one person sharing the floor while others are watching. Does anyone want to discuss a peer to peer or client-server communication? Perhaps something like SQL would suffice? Or would we just send DOM deltas?

See also: SVG, SVG image support

AJAX SVG editorEdit

There are now some working 'proof of concept' Ajax based (ie: 'in browser') SVG editors. is an example and the tools used to create it are in the process of being integrated into the open source dojo ajax library (under the dojox.gfx namespace).

--I'm currently investigating integrating something similar into mediawiki.. I'm relatively new to mediawiki, so it's difficult to judge the best integration point for such a tool. Ivar 08:23, 11 August 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

--I'm developing a diagram editor to integrate with MediaWiki. Doing it as a Scientific Initiation project at University of São Paulo and sponsored by FAPESP, a government research foundation of São Paulo, Brazil. A prototype version is available at here. Get in touch, I'll be glad to answer any questions or show my works. 09 April 2008. Filipe Grillo ( filipe.grillo "at" )

-- I am working on Project Eduvid, which till take input in wiki format and make its slideshow (much similar to s5 and s9 format) to present it in classroom or seminar and added functionality of whiteboard using jQery SVG. see more at Project Eduvid , Here is a small demo of svg whiteboard

Projects that would benefit from SVG whiteboardsEdit