Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) usage by MediaWiki on the backend and web browsers on the frontend faces a couple obstacles, but things are looking better.

Native browser supportEdit

As of June 2010, browser support was quite high for SVG 1.1, with all latest browsers supporting over half of the W3C test suite. Opera scores 95.44%, Google Chrome 89.23%, Safari 82.48%, Mozilla Firefox 82.30%, and Internet Explorer 59.64%.

Plugin issuesEdit

See W3C list for the most recent list.

  • Adobe SVG Viewer - The most full-featured SVG plugin, with several additional features
  • KSVG - Support for a lot of SVG features in the K Desktop Enviroment
  • YASB Viewer - RO IT Systems. Experimental, pre-Alpha, open-source SVG viewer
  • xsvg open source viewer for the X Window System
  • SVG# SharpVectorGraphics An open source viewer written for the .Net platform, in C#
  • motjuvie A free (GPL) viewer with some nifty features: window alphablending, window transparency, enhanced scripting, ...
  • Amaya - W3C editor and browser with partial native SVG support

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