Rivoluzione del 2016

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Cambi importanti sono successi dentro il movimento Wikimedia tra la fine del 2015 e l'inizio del 2016. Questi terminarono il 25 di febbraio con la rinuncia della direttrice esecutiva della Fondazione Wikimedia, Lila Tetrikov.

During that period, many new and interesting ideas about the future of Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia movement have appeared. This page intends to summarize the ideas and provide a framework for the discussion and possible implementation of those changes.

It is obvious that new ideas will appear outside of this page -- especially on wikimedia-l list and Wikipedia Weekly Facebook page. Thus, the initial purpose of these set of pages is to document the ideas in a structured manner using citations. During this time, it would be possible here to conclude issues supported by wide consensus or to suggest other forms of decisions (polls or abandoning particular idea).

Please use subpages for particular topics and the main talk page for discussion. Feel free to add your own topic and create a subpage with the quotes.


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