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What's an Idea? edit

An idea is the seed of a research project . Ideas can be about new software, research questions & hypotheses, a solution to a problem, or just a problem that needs solving. A good idea can be a thought and a few sketches or a fully specified proposal. Project ideas are really simple to write up and they ought to be simple to understand.

Start a new idea edit

Below is a list of project ideas created by L2 members sorted by last update. Note that you can bring a project idea to the top of the list by updating the page -- add some new information, a figure, or a sketch.

Start date: Title

<span class="mw-formatted-date" title="2013-10-04">2013-10-04</span>: Ideas/Example
<span class="mw-formatted-date" title="2014-07-16">2014-07-16</span>: Ideas/Public query interface for Labs
<span class="mw-formatted-date" title="2013-10-29">2013-10-29</span>: Ideas/Assessment of article improvement tasks
<span class="mw-formatted-date" title="2014-07-28">2014-07-28</span>: Ideas/First edits for male and female newcomers
<span class="mw-formatted-date" title="2013-11-06">2013-11-06</span>: Ideas/Requests for adminship and the retention of long term editors
<span class="mw-formatted-date" title="2014-07-28">2014-07-28</span>: Ideas/Editor profiles and interactions
<span class="mw-formatted-date" title="2013-11-08">2013-11-08</span>: Ideas/The effect of abuse filter
<span class="mw-formatted-date" title="2014-08-01">2014-08-01</span>: Ideas/Automated broadcasting of newly categorized stubs
<span class="mw-formatted-date" title="2013-11-08">2013-11-08</span>: Ideas/Visualizing Wikidata "instance of" and "subclass of" property chains
<span class="mw-formatted-date" title="2014-08-04">2014-08-04</span>: Ideas/How much repetitive text is there in Wikipedias in different languages? Can it be useful for translation memory?
<span class="mw-formatted-date" title="2013-11-09">2013-11-09</span>: Ideas/How has the retention of female editors been affected by the decline?
<span class="mw-formatted-date" title="2015-01-01">2015-01-01</span>: Ideas/FlaggedRevs unregistered users engagement
<span class="mw-formatted-date" title="2013-11-09">2013-11-09</span>: Ideas/WOMP: Wikipedia Open Metrics Platform
<span class="mw-formatted-date" title="2019-04-25">2019-04-25</span>: Ideas/How does the availability of VisualEditor affect the rate of edits and editor acquisition in different languages?
<span class="mw-formatted-date" title="2013-11-09">2013-11-09</span>: Ideas/Oxford Hackathon Notes
<span class="mw-formatted-date" title="2013-11-10">2013-11-10</span>: Ideas/Helpdesks on Wikipedia