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Notes from the 9 November hackathon meetup in Oxford


There are two getting started tutorials:

Database schema are at:

Wikidata database scheme at (not sure if this is the latest?)

Other useful resources are


Cool projects

Example SQL queries:

    SELECT rc_user_text, count(*)
    FROM recentchanges 
    WHERE rc_title="Fluorine" AND rc_namespace=0 GROUP BY 1 ORDER BY 2;

WikiData example: get Spanish title for English United Kingdom article

    SELECT b.ips_site_page FROM wb_items_per_site a 
    LEFT JOIN wb_items_per_site b
    ON a.ips_item_id=b.ips_item_id 
    WHERE a.ips_site_id='enwiki' AND a.ips_site_page='United Kingdom' AND b.ips_site_id='eswiki';

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