Requests for comment/Copyright violations on Macedonian Wikibooks

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I have been looking around mk.wikibooks, and there appear to be a significant number of copyvios and pages written in the wrong language. Ultimately this wiki needs review by someone more familiar with Wikibooks as well as the Macedonian language.

I've tagged the 89 most obvious copyvios or wrong language pages: b:mk:Категорија:Страници за брзо бришење.

However, there are a lot more pages in the wrong language that might be transwikied - that is, if they are not copyvios. There were some ambiguous cases where I was not sure. I also did not check most of the pages that were actually written in Macedonian - but given this wiki's lax attitude towards copyright and the fact that most of the pages I tagged have been around since 2006 - I am sure there are plenty more. --Rschen7754 19:48, 31 July 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Moved to RFC, notification: [1]. --Rschen7754 18:24, 13 September 2022 (UTC)[reply]