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Les rencontres des Wikimédiens peuvent être arrangés via Méta, les listes de discussion ou les pages de rencontres sur chaque projet. Si vous étiez présent lors d'une rencontre, vous pouvez ajouter un petit résumé ici (ainsi qu'un lien pour un plus long, si vous n'êtes pas d'humeur à écrire).

Regardez également la page Wikimédia & MédiaWiki relatant les manifestations - C'est en général une bonne occasion de rencontrer des personnes de la communauté.

Pages de rencontres: de | en | es | fi | fr | he | it | ja | nl | pl | sr | zh

Événements futursEdit

Belgrade, Serbie et Monténégro, 26 Mars 2006Edit

Jimbo's promised visit.

New York City, New York, États-UnisEdit

A Wikipedia Meetup was planned for April 10, 2006: Organized by Alex756

Reports from previous meetupsEdit


Du 29 avril au 1er mai 2006, Wrocław, PologneEdit

During conference session

3rd Polish Wikimedia Meeting 2006. 42 participants including 5 from abroad. 10 lectures were delivered and many discussions took place among participants. During the meeting General Member Assembly 2006 I was organized. See also the oficial web-page of the meeting: [1] and unoficial article on Wikipedia-pl (in Polish only)


Le 12 & 13 décembre 2005, Chorzów, PologneEdit

Wikimedia Polska Meetup 2005

4th Polish Wikipedians meeting and 2nd Polish Wikimedia meeting. 26 participants including guests from Czech Wikipedia. See more pl:Wikipedia:Opłatek Wikimedian 2005

Le 10 décembre 2005, à Bruxelles , BelgiqueEdit

Belgian Wikimeet/Belgische Wikimeet/Wikimeet Belge: see/zie/voir/sehe:

Le 22, 24 & 29 novembre 2005, à Melbourne, AustralieEdit

See Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Meetup/Melbourne for more information.

Le 20 & 21 novembre 2005, à Sydney, AustralieEdit

See Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Meetup/Sydney for more information.

Le 13 et 14 août 2005, Cracovie (Kraków), PologneEdit

Third Polish Wikipedians, and first Polish Wikimedia meeting. 32 participants, some press coverage. Polish Wikimedia Chapter was established. See more pl:Wikipedia:Zlot Wikimedia Polska 2005

zh WP and SBF, le 2 juillet 2005Edit

zh WP and Social Brain Foundation(SBF) online conference. see record of conference

Le 25 juin 2005, Taipei, TaïwanEdit

see report.

Le 11 juin 2005, Dragør, DanemarkEdit

Jimbo spoke at the Reboot conference in Copenhagen and later met some of the most active Danish Wikipedia-users. There is a description in Danish here: da:Wikipedia:Træf.

Le 14 mai 2005, Belgrade, Serbie & MonténégroEdit

Jimbo + local Wikipedians

Jimbo had a lecture at the Belgrade Philosophy Faculty. Afterwards, he and some of the local Wikipedians went to the Project Rastko building. The meeting was rather casual and the topics varied enormously. Of course, there were serious talks about Wikipedia and related stuff. According to Jimbo, he had a great time and hopes to visit us soon (we also hope so), specifically in October.
Further details at: sr:Википедија:Уживо/субота, 14. мај 2005. and sr:Википедија:Џимбо у Београду (Serbian cyrillic)

Petoria, le 20 avril 2005Edit

Angela and Erik were in South Africa between April 18 and 21 for an International FLOSS and Free Knowledge Workshop run by the CSIR Open Source Centre and arranged the first ever Wikimedia meetup in Africa. It was held on Wednesday 20th April, 2005, at the Court Classique hotel in Pretoria. See Conference reports/FLOSS, South Africa 2005 for their report on the conference and the meetup.


Du 27 au 29 décembre 2004 à Berlin, AllemagneEdit

At the Chaos Communication Congress, the annual Conference of the Chaos Computer Club, a bunch of wikipedians met and had a lot of fun together. There was also a meeting of the mediawiki developers. Read more.... See also Pictures

Le 27 novembre 2004, à Rotterdam, Pays-BasEdit

Dutch Wikipedians arranged a Wikimedia meetup in Rotterdam. Unlike most other events, this was a complete symposion, with presentations about Wikipedia and Wiktionary. Many prominent users from dutch wikipedia like nl:gebruiker:oscar, André Engels, GerardM and en:user:Waerth who managed to come from Thailand were present. The wikimedia board, Jimbo Wales, Angela and Anthere, held their first real life board meeting.

Le 18 septembre à Florence (Firenze), ItalieEdit

Meeting in Firenze - Sept. 2004

Du 3 au 7 septembre 2004 au festival Linz cyberartsEdit

Wikipedians with Jimbo at the Wikipedia booth at Ars Electronica

From Sept 3-7, 2004, Wikipedia was present at the Ars Electronica Cyberarts Festival in Linz, Austria. Wikipedia had won a Golden Nica in the category digital communities of the Prix Ars Electronica and Jimbo Wales was invited to speak at the presentation of the prize winning projects. Read more...

Le 31 août 2004, à Londres (BBC), Royaume-UniEdit

Tuesday August 31, 2004. Jimbo and Angela spoke to the BBC and later held a public talk about Wikipedia in London. See BBC#New Media.

Le 28 août 2004, à Utrecht, Pays-BasEdit

Sitting under an immortalised argument

Utrecht: August 28th Jimbo met for the first time (11) wikipedians from the Dutch-language Wiki (regretfully, none of the Belgians could make it) in the center of Utrecht. nl:Wikipedia:Ontmoeten/Plaatsgevonden The meeting was a great succes, plans for a big global Wikipedia Conference were discussed, which would be the logical follow-up of a Dutch-language conference, which is currently planned for november 27th in Rotterdam.

(see nl:Overleg_Wikipedia:Symposium/Najaar_2004)

Le 4 juillet 2004, à Paris, FranceEdit

Meeting in Paris

Le 28 juin 2004, à Genève (Genova), SuisseEdit

Image of meeting in Genova

Genova June 27 Wikipedia a Genova, capitale europea della cultura 2004

Le 19 juin 2004, à Munich (München), AllemagneEdit

When Jimbo came to Munich, Wikipedians from there arranged a very crazy Barbecue at Elvis' house. Hella brought a wikipedia t-shirt she'd let produce but it turned out too small, so she gave it to elian (the spelling mistake was found when I tried it on). Discussion topics ranged from VfD over trolls to the kamelopedia.

Not exhaustive list of people present: Jimbo Wales, Fantasy, elian, Ilja, Doc Sleeve, Elvis untot (host), tk, Swing, Barbarossa, Dingo, Ringo111, SirJective, JfA, fexxx, Hella, Thomas, Robodoc, Marco Pellegrino, Blauer elephant

Du 10 au 12 juin 2004, à Berlin, AllemagneEdit

Elian, Jimmy Wales et Harko sur le stand Wikipédia improvisé devant WOS3 (Vendredi). Ils ont vendu les premiers WikiReaders.

Wizards of OS from June 10-12 2004 was one of biggest german wikipedia meetups. Jimbo held a talk at the conference and the wikipedians there organized - rather spontaneously - a booth to present the first two Wikireaders which had just gone into print. At a big party at the C-Base, the 100 000th article of german wikipedia was celebrated. On sunday, the german Wikimedia association, Wikimedia Deutschland was founded and Jimbo was elected as a honorary member.

Eben Moglen of the Free Software Foundation (M.) and Jimmy Wales, talking on the WOS3 about FDL 2.0.

The meeting in Berlin was a big success. Read more at Weekend in Berlin. See also Pictures

Le 5 juin 2004, à Londres (London), Royaume-UniEdit

Jimbo and Arno

Vendredi 4 juin, Jimbo a rencontré Arno Lagrange en personne pour la permière rencontre internationale de Jimbo avec un autre wikipédien. Ils parlèrent du projet ESTU.

Jimbo meeting wikipedians

Le samedi 5 juin Jimbo a rencontré un groupe de Wikipédiens en personne pour la première fois de sa vie : in London today. Il a parlé pendant une heure et demie des problèmes actuels de la Wikimédia, les Wikiholicspédiens ont socialisés et nous eûmes un quizz sur Wikipédia. Ensuite, nous sommes allés au pub. Des participants : Angela, Arkady Rose, Arno Lagrange, Bodnobod, Camembert, Charles Matthews, Christine Wales, David Gerard, Enchanter, Ed g2s, Fuzheado, G-Man, James F., Jimbo Wales, JPF, Kira Wales, Morwen, MykReeve, Nommonomanac, Oliver Pereira, theresa knott (after all), VampWillow, Warofdreams, Kevin Burley (unregistered user) et beaucoup d'autres ... Pictures by Arno Lagrange 

Le 4 avril 2004, à Varsovie (Warszawa), PologneEdit

Deuxième rencontre des wikipédiens polonais. 9 participants ont parlé et bu de la bière pendant a peu près 3 heures. Plus de détails et d'images sur pl:Wikipedia:Zlot Wikipedystów.


Le 28 octobre à Munich (München), AllemagneEdit

Le 18 octobre, Elian et Fantasy ont voulu de se rencontrer après toutes les modifications/discussions qu'ils ont eu ensemble, et pourquoi pas proposer à d'autres de les rejoindre. Ainsi, 5 personnes se sont recontrées le 28 octobre à Munich et ce ffut une très bon(ne) après-midi. Des informations supplémentaires peuvent être trouvées sur Munich Meetup Archive (en allemand).