Public outreach/Outreach migration to Meta

In 2021 the Wikimedia Foundation decided to move the contents of Outreach Wiki to Meta-Wiki.



The Movement Communications team recently completed research (report) to better understand movement communication needs. One thing we learned is that people often have trouble finding the information they need and feel overloaded with options (Broadcast on demand).

Due to Outreach having a limited readership and visibility within the movement, our community newsletters (GLAM and Education) and other content pages don’t always receive the attention they deserve. To address this, we’re working to facilitate with our colleagues in the Movement Communications team the migration of the This Month in GLAM newsletter, Education newsletter, and other pages from Outreach to Meta-Wiki.



To ensure the migration of the pages has a as little negative impact as possible on the accessibility, usage and workflow of the contents and processes of Outreach Wiki, a set of principles is taken into account.

  • With the migration the full content and history of all the pages is moved to Meta. This means that all the changes and authors will stay visible in history tab of each page.
  • After the full contents of Outreach Wiki has been moved, the domain will be redirecting to In this way it ensures that all the content of Outreach Wiki stays available through the same URL.

For that reason, of course, that no content will be lost, forgotten, nor any page will be deleted or have its link erased.





The migration of the report pages, talk pages, categories, and templates is planned to happen from November 19th to 30th, 2021. This period is important to accommodate the migration before the reports from next month. Any other modifications or corrections will be made before December 15th, 2021.





It was announced in this October report in the newsletter, on Outreach's Village Pump, on social media, and on several mailing lists.