Public outreach/Academy/Pre-Academy communications with scientists

Preferred situtationEdit

Ideally, NIH scientists will, prior to the Academy:

  • Register as a Wikipedia editor (get a username) (see separate page)
  • Visit the NIH Academy welcome page
  • Receive some information and suggestions about editing, for those interested in doing so prior to the Academy

NIH welcome pageEdit

The welcome page for the NIH WikiProject is currently at en:User:Proteins/Draft_Welcome. At issue are:

  • When is the page going to be finalized, including location (Meta or en.wikipedia)?
  • How will we provide the link to NIH scientists prior to the Academy?

Other information for NIH scientists, prior to the AcademyEdit


  • Links to How Wikipedia Works and Wikipedia: The Missing Manual
  • Small "articles" on creating a user account, and on selecting a user name


Open questionsEdit