Public outreach/Academy/RfC/Help gadget

The idea is to have a help gadget that is always available on the screen, e.g., in the upper right-hand corner. By coding this in JavaScript, such a gadget could have a powerful functionality, e.g., responding to queries and changing its appearance with the page being viewed and whether the page is being read, edited, its history queried, etc.

The key questions to be decided are

  • what its purpose is;
  • where it should be used;
  • how it should work;
  • what it should cover, what it should link to;
  • how it should change its appearance, etc.

It's also possible to have a set of Helpboxes, from which users can choose, e.g., on their Gadget Preferences. Ideas are welcome!

Warning messages edit

The placement of certain elements, such as external links, fonts and lists, may be governed by subtle rules. Some of these we can program as constraints or warning windows into the script, e.g., warning the editor that they're about to add an external link into a section not labeled "External links".

Mock-up of Help gadget (version 1.0) edit

This is just for visualization purposes.