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This page lists current proposals to close or delete a project hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. It is subject to the current closing projects policy.

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Language committee
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  1. Before making a proposal for closing a project, please familiarize yourself with the applicable policy.
  2. List your proposal on a separate subpage.
  3. You can use the {{Closing project proposal}} template when making a request. Make sure that you add valid reasons (see policy) why the project is no longer useful to the Wikimedia Foundation, links to where the project is currently working at, and links to any discussions prior to its being listed on this page.
  4. Do not forget to warn the project itself and/or its language community in Wikimedia in the best possible way and add a link to it in the proposal. Proposals with no fair warnings to the projects will be ignored.
  5. These pages are for community input into the Language committee and Board's final decision. Providing reasons after your votes is encouraged and appreciated.

If this is not the first time a project has been nominated for closure, please compare prior discussions to the current situation and circumstances. Experience shows that repeating a failed proposal doesn't work.

Please note that closing a project does not necessarily mean deleting it completely and removing it from the SiteMatrix. The project will be locked for editing and other actions, except by stewards and system administrators. Appropriate content may be merged into another existing Wikimedia project, or content having potential for use in a future Wikimedia project may be imported to the Incubator, along with its contribution history. Alternatively, it may be exported to a non-Wikimedia host subject to GFDL and CC-BY-SA licenses. Potentially useful content is retained long enough to allow migration to happen. Any proposal to actually delete a project should clearly state that intent.

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