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Create a New Cohort > 3. Set Default Project

In this field, you are selecting the Wikimedia Project for your cohort. The codes for Wikimedia projects will actually self-populate once you begin typing to avoid mislabeling and typos.

  • You may only select one default project for each cohort. This means you should upload the exact same CSV file for each project to which users contributed. Be sure to (1) name the cohort with the project name included and (2) select the appropriate default project in the Wikimetrics Upload Cohort form.
  • For the various language projects, enter the two letters that designate the language (i.e. en, es, de, fr, etc.) and a list will automatically populate.
  • For Commons, enter "commonswiki"
  • For other projects, enter a keyword (i.e. "voyage") and a list should appear

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