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This is the annual plan of the activities of PhilWiki Community for 2022.



Wikipedia Stickering Campaign
Wikipedia Stickering Campaign

The Philippine Wikimedia Community User Group has initiated cost-effective, creative, and innovative projects to spur interest and promote Wikipedia online and offline among individuals. In the past, its members have appeared in a number of local media programs and have been invited or attended fora and conferences to share about Wikimedia projects. The user group has also engaged in activities with different organizations that share a common interest such as the Wiki Loves Art mural painting with virtual artists. PH-WC also conducted a stickering challenge as part of the upcoming 20th birthday of Wikipedia where participants encouraged random people to get their cellphones stickered with Wikipedia logo.

The objective of the Advocacy program is to engage in various activities for the promotion of free knowledge using different platforms. As part of its inclusive and pluralistic focus, the organization is currently presiding over various advocacy programs aimed at reaching out to marginalized groups in the Philippines. The SMART objectives of the Advocacy program are:

  • to sticker 100 laptops, tablets or cellphones with Wikipedia logo and other stickers promoting Wikimedia projects
  • to feature at least 1 sister project or Wikimedia related news on PhilWiki Community Facebook page every month

Advocacy Program is managed by a committee that creates and supports activities related to the promotion of free knowledge both online and offline.

Steven Fung is the Chair of Advocacy Committee (2020-present). He is one of the founders of the user group and had been involved in the Wikimedia movement since 2007. He had served as Vice President and the Vice Chair of PhilWiki's Board of Trustees. He had also tenured the positions of Auditor and Overseas Chapter Representative, having represented the user group at the 2018 Wikimedia Conference held in Berlin, Germany. Ramon Olaño, Jr. held the chairmanship of the Advocacy committee from 2019-2020.


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Board secretary Leah Banastao with some new members of PhilWiki Community

PH-WC aims to engage a diverse participation to address the gender and knowledge gaps being a free, open, and vibrant organization of Filipino content editors. Since 2019, the community has organized the WikiGap Campaign in the Philippines to close the gender gap and other diversity gaps on Wikipedia. It has also conducted activities that aim to build content on Philippine minority language-based Wikimedia projects including the Rinconada Bikol Wikipedia, Bikol Wikipedia, and Bikol Wiktionary.

The SMART objectives of the Diversity program are:

  • to complete 1 book project on Bikol Wikisource
  • to create and translate 10 articles during Wikipedia Philippine Month on Philippine language based Wikipedia editions
  • to create and translate 100 women biographies on Philippine language-based Wikimedia projects currently in Incubation

Diveristy Program is managed by a committee that deals with the engagement of diverse participation to close gender and knowledge gaps.

Marvin Molin is the Chair of Diversity Committee (2020-present) and served as Secretary. He started to actively contribute on Wikimedia Commons since joining Wiki Takes Rinconada in 2015 and has been involved in Wikimedia Movement since then. He represented the user group at the 2019 ESEAP Wikimedia Strategy Summit held in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a member of the organizing team of WikiGap in the Philippines which aims to close the gender gap in the internet.


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Wiki Loves Art mural painting at San Juan National High School in Libmanan, Camarines Sur
Cararayan National High School teachers celebrate Women's Month in a meetup

The Education Program deals with the promotion of free, responsibly open-content resources and reference materials within and thru academic institutions. It supports active learning and the Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom program of the Education Team of Wikimedia Foundation. In the past, PH-WC held WikiTutorial which engaged teachers and students as participants in editing tutorials and as trainers and facilitators in related activities.

The SMART objective of the Education program is:

  • to recruit 10 teachers, or better, to join the organization and train them as content editors

The role of the Education Committee is to envolve educators in fora and workshops for them to understand the value and usefulness of Wikipedia and how it can be utilized in school as a learning tool.


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Photo walk with United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary - BISCAST

Outreach activities are being conducted to reach more people both online and offline thru collaboration with groups, organizations and institutions. The "Wiki Loves" photography contests have proven to have a considerable impact on our Wikimedia activities. Offline activities such as photography walks have engaged new contributors and volunteers.

The SMART objectives of the Outreach program are the following:

  • to entice 10 new contributors of photographs about local products (handicrafts, delicacies, textiles etc.) through photowalks
  • to target 60 participants in Wiki Loves Monuments PH
  • to upload 50 notable images of tourist destinations in the Philippines by new contributors
  • to organize at least 1 other localized photography contest aside from WLM PH

The Outreach Committee is reponsible in creating projects and programs to engage new contributors in online and offline activities.

Maffeth Opiana serves as the Chair of Outreach Committee (2019-present). She has been involved in Wikimedia movement since 2015 as part of the Wiki Takes Rinconada project team. She represented the user group at the 2018 ESEAP Wikimedia Conference held in Bali, Indonesia in 2018. She served as Treasurer and the project lead of Wiki Loves Earth in the Philippines since 2019.


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Wiki Loves Earth PH Edit-a-thon at Raul Roco Public Library in 2019
1Lib1Ref Campaign attended by librarians in Naga City

GLAM Program aims to tie up with past and new partner institutions. In the past we partnered with Raul S. Roco Naga Public Library and James O'Brien SJ Library. Through collaborations and mutual sharing of resources such as reference material, users of Wikimedia projects and the clientele of the library will benefit from the development of the Wikimedia projects. The libraries are pilot GLAM institutions of Wikipedian In Residence (WIR) program of the PhilWiki Community.

The SMART objectives of the GLAM program are the following:

  • to conduct at least 1 editing or non-editing activity at a GLAM partner institution
  • to establish at least 1 partnership with a GLAM institution

GLAM Committee engages in establishing partnerships with galleries, libraries, archives, and museums for collaborations.

Ralff Nestor Nacor is the Chair of GLAM Committee (2020-present). He is an active contributor and administrator on Bikol Wikipedia and Bikol Wiktionary. He served as President (March 2021-March 2022), Auditor, and also chaired the Membership Committee (2020-2021). The GLAM Committee was previously headed by Irvin Sto. Tomas (2019-2020).


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Capacity BuildingEdit

Regular meeting ang meetup with PH-WC president

PhilWiki Community joined the world in celebrating Wikipedia's 20th birthday. It is among the organizations involved in organizing the Pagkarahay Art Festival 3 sponsored by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). The 6-day art festival featured art exhibit, murals, art installations, painting competition, photo walk, Wiknic, traditional games, open forum, art talks and concert. This year's festival has a theme “Kapalibutan: Burabod nin buhay” (Environment: Source of life).

To date, PhilWiki Community has forty-three (43) members.

The SMART objectives of the Capacity Building program are the following:

  • to conduct a monthly physical meeting and meetups with new contributors during the year
  • to submit the required documents on time and secure permits necessary to continue to operate as a non-profit corporation
  • to submit the project reports on time and update the latest information about the user group on Meta regularly
  • to get a Chapterhood recognition from the Affiliations Committee within the year
The Officers of PhilWiki Community (March 2021-March 2022) are the following: Ralff Nestor Nacor (President), Steven Fung (Vice President), Leah Banastao (Secretary) and Irvin P. Sto. Tomas (Treasurer).

UPDATE: On 19 March 2022, the Officers of PhilWiki Community (March 2022-March 2023) are the following: Juan Bautista H. Alegre (President), Zyra Hila (Secretary), Irvin P. Sto. Tomas (Treasurer), Francis Charles Brioso (PIO/Business Manager), and Frinces Ezra Carullo (Auditor).


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