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The News On Wiki (NOW) campaign aims to improve the public's access to information about credible news publishers.

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This map, generated by a Wikidata query built during Phase One, reflects wiki coverage of U.S. newspapers as of September 2018.      Wikidata item, no Wikipedia article     Wikipedia has no infobox     Wikipedia article has an infobox

Phase One of this campaign (2018) focused on newspapers in the United States. We demonstrated that by improving wiki content, we could improve Google Knowledge Panels and other search engine results pages (SERPs) for local news sources. We rallied both new and veteran Wikimedians to build wiki content. We reported on this process at the WikiCite (2018) and WikiConference North America (2019) conferences. We generated hundreds of English Wikipedia articles, hundreds of infoboxes, and thousands of Wikidata entries about U.S. newspapers.

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