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In Phase Two the campaign focuses on Wikipedia and Wikidata content for: edit

We will build on the success of Phase One, and generate a clear roadmap to an expanded version of this campaign.

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News on Wiki and COVID-19 edit

The present COVID-19 pandemic has raised the stakes for credibility of news outlets, with great quantities of misinformation being spread on social media and throughout the information ecosystem via less-than-credible sources.

Additionally, the pandemic is impacting the news industry, with numerous newspapers laying off staff, adjusting their product offerings and delivery options, and in some cases going out of business.

For our project, there is a silver lining: this churn in the industry results in increased coverage of news outlets by their peers. Such stories are necessary to establish sufficient notability to start a Wikipedia article, and wiki editors can use them to verify and support facts. Outside of an unusual event like a pandemic, such coverage can be scarce; we aim to capture these source materials for the benefit of Wikipedia while they are still fresh.