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  成果 #1: 利用
  成果 #2: 認知度
  成果 #3: 発見
  成果 #4: 定着
  成果 #5: 連携

ウィキメディア運動はアジア、アフリカ及び中南米で閲覧者を増やそうとしています。いずれもインターネット利用者が増える地域でありながら、ウィキメディアのサイト群の認知度は必ずしも高くありません。 目標達成に向け、ウィキメディア財団 (Reboot 社との提携事業) は新しい閲覧者プロジェクト New Readers project を立ち上げ、特にインドとナイジェリアを対象に利用者調査を行います。先行事例のメキシコ及び南アフリカを踏まえ、新規の閲覧者像の把握と獲得を目指します。


In the priority countries, this project seeks to understand...
  1. 予測される利用者 (現状と重複あり)
    • needs for seeking information, with a focus on online;
    • habits for information seeking online, and for interacting with Wikipedia;
    • existing sources of information and why they are commonly used and trusted (i.e. "positive examples" that the Wikimedia projects can learn from);
    • perceptions and knowledge of Wikipedia, specifically what it is and how it works (for example, that it is an open platform, anyone can contribute).
  2. 現状でウィキペディアがオンライン学習において、どんなプラスとマイナスの働きをしているか。
  1. Products and/or features that can attract and engage new readers in target markets; and
  2. Effective distribution channels, messaging, and/or partnerships to increase readership.
  1. Develop a solid understanding of potential new readers and community members in India and Nigeria, including subsets (or segments, based on needs, behaviors, demographics, and/or other characteristics) that the movement is particularly and immediately well-positioned to engage;
  2. Determine how best to focus Foundation time and resources, alongside community work and efforts, to attract new readers (with a primary focus on product); and
  3. Determine how to direct funding and support to communities interested in increasing readership.
  1. Better integrate design research and user-centered design approaches in how it develops products;
  2. Develop communications strategies (messaging, media channels, etc.) to increase awareness and improve understanding of Wikimedia products;
  3. Develop partnership strategies to improve reach of, and engagement with, Wikimedia products; and
  4. Surface strategies to empower the Wikimedia community to increase readership.