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You can find our research projects documented at Research:Projects.

Priority countriesEdit

The six countries this project focuses on—Nigeria, India, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, and Egypt.

This project focuses on high population countries where access to internet is quickly growing, but Wikimedia project reading is relatively low. We hope to understand and reach these new readers coming online. These countries were selected to reflect equal regional distribution (two in Africa, two in Asia, two in Latin America respectively) and prioritize regions where local language wikis are used in place or alongside English.

Current research focusesEdit

The New Readers initiative will undertake three research trips through the end of June 2016. These trips are based on two-week in-country sprints, followed by research synthesis and reporting. Countries were selected to reflect high population size, internet access, and regional influence. The first research project was completed in Mexico in February 2016.

Fieldwork is planned for India and Nigeria in May and June of 2016, and will be aided by external partners with local language, culture, and security expertise.

Research timelineEdit

  • February 2016: Mexico Readers Research
  • March 2016: Mexico Readers Research findings presented at Metrics
  • April 2016: Nigeria and India research projects planned
  • May 2016: Fieldwork in Nigeria/India
  • June 2016: Fieldwork in Nigeria/India
  • July 2016–September 2016: Nigeria and India New Readers research findings presented

External partnersEdit

To support our research in Nigeria and India, we are working with an organization called Reboot. Reboot specializes in international user research, design, and project implementation, with offices in the United States and Nigeria. They will provide experienced local researchers, help to source research participants, and manage daily summaries of research findings in both countries. They’ll also collaborate on research design and strategy so we can develop a comprehensive understanding of our existing readers and potential readers in Nigeria and India.

We chose to work with Reboot based on their expertise in these countries and their deep appreciation for the values of the Wikimedia movement. They are committed to working with us to release our shared research materials throughout the project, and communicating on Meta Wiki with the WMF team.