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Culture of Documentation

Creating a culture of documentation is one of the two initiatives (or "outcomes") of the Manage Internal Knowledge recommendation. It aims to intentionally encourage the behaviour of writing down the rich knowledge and learnings that Wikimedians possess (for example, how to organize a certain activity effectively from A to Z). Achieving this goal entails providing better resources to document the work of the Wikimedia Movement, such as offering documentation training, technological tools, and other kinds of support.

Facilitate a culture of documentation to become integral to Wikimedia’s work and evaluation and as an outcome in itself, by resourcing its creation in key areas, such as capacity building, advocacy, partnerships, and technology.



You can discuss the initiative on the proposed Movement Strategy Discussion Forum.


You can start or join discussions about this initiative either:

  1. Here on Meta
  2. In the Manage Internal Knowledge space of the proposed Movement Strategy Forum.


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