Movement Organizers

Movement Organizers was a cross-departmental research project being conducted during January to June 2019 by the Wikimedia Foundation. The project focuses on understanding the audience of Movement Organizers (see definition below), so that teams at the Wikimedia Foundation can better plan support for this audience. The project was sponsored by Audiences and Community Engagement, as part of the 2018–19 annual plan of the Wikimedia Foundation.

The project was designed and implemented by the Community Engagement and Audiences departments from WMF, with design input from an internal steering committee composed of members from Community Engagement, Audiences, Technology, Advancement and Communications. For more about the rational and implementation of the project, see the About subpage.

We are especially grateful for the support of the communities in Argentina and Ghana where we did local site visits, the organizers that we interviewed as part of the remote interviews for the research Concept Hatchery and our local researchers teams (Insitum in Argentina and Urika Research in Ghana).



The research was published in September 2019. You can find the full collection of assets from the research in the Assets subpage.

Here are the English and Spanish versions of the report produced as part of the study:

Note: that the report contains Personas. These personas represent fictional people based on a mix of characteristics from organizers with similar experiences.

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