Movement Charter/Drafting Committee/Updates/Member change February 2023

MCDC membership change edit

Dear Wikimedians,

As a process facilitator for the development of the Movement Charter, I would like to inform you that Reda Kerbouche (m:User:Reda_Kerbouche), replacing an elected member of the committee since February 2022, decided to step down from his membership due to personal reasons in February 2023. The committee and the supporting team would like to thank Reda for his participation and input in preparation of the first drafts of the Charter, community conversations at Wikimedia Summit, regional conferences, and online consultations.

As the Drafting Committee is deep into the content work, especially with the new drafting groups of Global Council, Hubs, and Decision-Making proceeding with their content and conversations, the MCDC has previously decided that there will be no further replacements of the members as from January 2023. This means that the committee will continue with 14 members for now.

At the same time, the Drafting Committee is striving towards bringing in perspectives across the movement from diverse backgrounds and contexts as well as expertise in various fields. This will help to ensure that the Charter draft will be better informed even with perspectives not present in the Drafting Committee itself. To this end, the committee has recently communicated a call for advisors to enhance the composition of the Drafting Groups and subcommittees.

Best regards,
Kaarel Vaidla