Movement Charter/Drafting Committee/Elections

This is a page for the Movement Charter Drafting Committee. Consult the list of candidates and their statements. You can also use the the elections compass tool to compare views of candidates to yours.

Candidate appointment information edit

The initial Movement Charter Drafting Committee will have 15 members, appointed in the following way:

Guidance for elections edit

You are voting to elect 7 Movement Charter Drafting Committee members and 2 alternates. You can rank as many candidates as you want. The order of the ranking is important.

Ranking multiple candidates is also important. You may vote for only one candidate, but it is better to rank at least 7. If you rank more than 7 candidates, your vote still can change the result of the election.

The most practical way to vote is:

  • Rank the 7 candidates you want to win.
  • Add any other candidates that you also like, for instance, 7 more.
  • Beyond 15 candidates, the probability of influencing the final result is small. If you want, you can skip the rest.